Thursday, June 03, 2010

Just Call Me Dammit! (#3....30 Writes in 30 Days)

Everyone is all Bobby Digital now. No one seems to respect the analog anymore. I love technology as much as the next person but I still dig the personal interaction. Can you believe that sometimes my crazy ass still calls people just to hear their voice?!?!? Outlandish, right?

Or this other crazy thing....I keep track of people's birthdays (on my own sans the help of facebook) and on their birthday....if I have their number..... I call and wish them a happy birthday! No please...don't commit me to anyone's insane asylum for I have not gone mad. It's just that sometimes I like to communicate directly....person to person like they used to do back in 1988 and shit.

We've gotten to the point where texting and tweeting are now deemed acceptable means of communication and folks dun forgot how to use the damn phone.

Lemme tell ya folks.....contrary to popular belief, my phone is still the very best way to reach me. No, not twitter or facebook or email. The phone! Now mind you, I may screen your call and decide that I dont feel like talking to you at the very moment you call but trust I will get back. And if you happen to leave me a voicemail and tell me what the business is, your chances of getting a speedy return call are vastly improved. Granted that this is all predicated on whether or not I check my voicemail immediately but even if not....the call log will tell me you called (most times).

I know sometimes texting is quicker and when used properly, it can be a timesaver. But really if we go back and forth with more than 3 text exchanges....our lazy asses should just probably pick up the phone and talk directly. Not to mention how sometimes things can get lost in text translation. You fuck around and tell a joke that doesnt go over well and now you gotta call anyways to play Clarissa and explain it all. (Remember that show?)

So remember....dont get caught up too deep in the matrix. Dont let your blackberry or iphone be the sole means in which you reach out to your folks. Dont underestimate the power of calling someone directly. Dont be dude in the picture above.


Ndygo Sunshyne said...

good reminder. i used to pride myself on being the person you're holding onto. i miss her. gotta get her back.

personalised tee shirt said...

then do it never give up.