Wednesday, June 02, 2010

FUCK Rant 7 (#2....30 Writes in 30 Days)

FUCK the Detroit Police Department for killing Aiyana Jones and trying to suppress the tape
FUCK the juvenile and petty trending topics on Twitter
FUCK Kobe and the Lakers
FUCK BP for this oil spill and their lack of urgency in fixing it
FUCK BP again for consulting (movie director) James Cameron b/c he's supposedly an "aquatic cinema expert". Yall aint got no other experts to call on other than the dude who directed "Avatar"!?!??

FUCK June 8th for not being here already
FUCK a cover letter
FUCK Arizona and their criminally racist illegal alien laws
FUCK Texas for trying to brush over slavery by renaming it "Atlantic Triangular Trade" in their textbooks
FUCK a dude sending another dude to smack up Kat Stacks on his behalf. I mean I know she's wack but...really? You send another man to beat up a woman for you? Aint you got no girl cousins to handle that for you since you need it handled so bad?

FUCK the fact that Waka Flocka is winning right now
FUCK that someone is finna call me a hater for that last line
"FUCK this rap shit. I listen to classical!" - Baatin
FUCK it supposedly getting 'greater later'. I want it now dammit!
FUCK dude at the Beezy for firing me on some bs then trying to deny my unemployment and also trying to deny me the little monies rightfully owed to me on my last check

FUCK surviving 2 tours of duty in Iraq only to come back home and be killed on King Dr.
FUCK Israel attacking the Freedom Flotilla that was carrying food and medical supplies
FUCK the club. Let's mobilize and fundraise
FUCK VH1's Sunday night lineup of fuckery
FUCK Glenn Beck for being an asshole and a hypocrite and even mentioning Malia's name in his criticism of President Obama. What the hell does an 11 yr old have to do with your disagreement with the President anyways?

FUCK having illusions of grandeur and not having anyone there to bring you back to reality
FUCK Jon Burge. I hope they throw his stank ass under the jail
FUCK gettting party invites on facebook from people Im not even "friends" with! How does THAT work?!?!?
FUCK people who just finished smoking then wanna come and talk to you in close proximity with that God awful "just smoked" stench on them
FUCK these propoganda ass/scare tactic news reports like "20 people shot over a 9 hour period" in Chicago

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