Friday, June 25, 2010

10 Memories of Michael Jackson (#25....30 Writes In 30 Days)

1. I guess foremost and of course most sad is actually having been in LA when he first passed. The homie Dave and I had just landed in LA when we heard that Farrah Fawcett had passed and by time we got to the hotel we started to see tweets about MJ. Then we got to the hotel and watched CNN from there....

2. Since I was in LA, me and a couple friends went to the family compound in Encino to leave flowers. Needless to say that that was surreal.

3. Waiting for "Beat It" and "Say Say Say" to come on Friday Night Videos.

4. Fighting my brother for the "official" Thriller jacket. My mama bought an "official" one that looked like the one he had on in the video, and for some strange reason she bought one that had the colors reversed so it was mostly black with a little red. I wasn't having that one. Talk about knock down and drag out!

5. Being mad when I had to use said "official" Thriller jacket as a compress over my bleeding eye that I got in a rock fight when one of them young punks cheated and threw a brick!!!! Here I was, blood squirting from my head and I distinctly remember hesitating and then being mad when I realized I was gon hafta use my Thriller jacket to keep from bleeding to death lol

6. My mama coming in my room to "check on me" as an 11 yr old b/c I was sitting in the dark with sunglasses on listening to "Man In The Mirror" on repeat

7. Absolutely LOVING the J5 cartoon. Man dont talk to me about no Lucky Charms, no pancakes, no nothing when this was on! Do they have it on dvd yet?

8. Everyone gathering around to watch the world premiere of the "Black Or White" video. Remember it was a huge event (being shown in primetime and all) and all the networks showed it? I also remember being a bit confused at the ending sequence with the destroying the car and all but I figured he's Mike and he made "Thriller" so he can do what he wants lol

9. Loving the defiancy (Is that a word? If not I just made it so) of the "Leave Me Alone" video and realllllllllly wishing that he had said "Stop fucking with me!" in "Scream"

10. Almost busting my face open every day for about 3 months straight while trying to do the "lean forward" move from the "Smooth Criminal" video until discovering that it was special effects. I know I wasnt the only one, right?


Toya said...

I'm a huge MJ fan mainly cuz of my dad. He's a big MJ fan and he played alot of J5 stuff when i was a kid. Tho i'm only 28 i love all of the old school stuff. and i use to watch reruns of the J% cartoon on BET when i was real little. i just googled it, and this is what i found...but i wonder if this is some bootleg DVD of their cartoon:

and i use to try to do that lean from the Smooth Criminal" video too...i think everyone did , so naw you not the only one lol

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if im not mistaken this year 20111 was his 2nd year death aniversay right?