Friday, April 22, 2005

Who Knew about Fatty Koo?

Anybody see the premiere of BET's new show 'Blowing Up Fatty Koo'? I'll admit I had some initial hesitance about it. I mean first it's BET original programming. And second....I was thinking 'Well what the fuck is a Fatty Koo'?!?!?!?!
Anyways so it turns out the show follows 5 up and coming young ass musicians from Columbus, OH. They get signed by a management company in NY, and from there it's all about the ups and downs of them making it in the biz. My description probably sound a bit blase, but it was not bad at all. Plus they are really talented, and have a good sound. I might even check for them when their album drops in Neverary!


Anonymous said...

Once I went downtown I live in Oklahoma but anyways I farted in public and Iwas like I wish i could have did that in Valures face and shited on ha ugly ass face too she is so fuckin ugly damnnnnnnnn!!!!!!!!! bold headed ass!!! ha ha .

Anonymous said...

It's about time that they have people from ohio thats talented.
And also I think that new vedio ''bounce'' is the Ill.

Anonymous said...

I'm from Detroit Michigan and my man is real close to one of the group members brother. Before I even watched the show my boyfriend would be watching it in the living room and I could hear them singing on t.v. My first thought was who the hack is that singing. That sounds really good. But I still wasnt really paying attention. Had alot on my mind. But I watched the marathon series on a saturday. Since then I knew foe sho that they was off the hook. They all different but they add something to the group. Especially Eddie who wrote "Chills", he can blow. And Valure. Also Josh the new member. The other two are cool too.I cant wait for their CD to drop.