Sunday, April 03, 2005


I did it. I admit it. And I cant promise I wont do it again.

I had some french fries earlier today. Curly fries to be exact. I cant even blame Dave for suggesting we go to Hooters after getting fitted for the tuxedo's.

Speaking of which...can I just say that it makes u feel pretty weird when being measured by the tuxedo guy, he has to measure the length of your shoulder to your wrist 3 times b/c he cant believe he's doing it right b/c your arms are that fucking long!!!!! I swear on something scared the 2nd time money said 'Nah...that cant be right!", and then measured a 3rd time. WTF?

Anyways....yeah I had some fries. And Imma prolly do it again. PLUS.....Since Im at work and barely able to keep my eyes open....Im finna go get a pop. Yeah I said pop. Not soda. Pop nigga! P.O.P.! Southside Chi-town, nigga what? Nigga who? Wzup Joe?


Reese said...

Soda Dammit....Soda!! Hooter's huh. I've heard so many stories about that place. lol

steeeeen said...

SODA!!!!! *grrrr*