Sunday, April 24, 2005

Mike Jones

Let this be a lesson in what a properly planned buzz will do for you. That and timing....and luck. WTF? Am I the ONLY person listening to this dude? Listen...Im far from a hater, but money IS NOT hot. He wont ever be hot. Maybe his lyrics will improve over time, but as of today Im not hearing what everyone else is. Dude is pretty fucking close to wack. I mean...goddamn if any fucking song is played enough, you'll eventually start to like it. I dont see what the big deal is.

I just read my fifty-leventh article on dude. He was just referred to as a 'rising hip hop star'. No! Little Brother are 'rising hip hop stars'. Not Mike Jones! I'll give credit where credit is due. The marketing scheme of always shouting out ur cell, putting it on t-shirts and wearing them in videos, encouraging folks to call u at anytime is pretty fucking ballsy, and it worked. But again....shouldnt it all come down to the music? Just listen to his verse in his "bass heavy, automobile anthem of the year "Still Tippin'" featuring close cronies Slim Thug and Paul Wall (who by the way has the song's best verse).

Four Fours I'm tippin'
Wood grain I'm gripping
Catch me lane switching with the paint dripping
Turn your neck and your dame missing
Me and Slim we ain't tripping
I'm finger flipping and syrup sipping
Like Do or Die I'm po pimping
Car stop rims keep spinning
I'm flipping drops with invisible tops
Hoes bop when my drop step out
I'm shaking the block with four eighteens
Candy green with eleven screens
My gasoline always supreme
Got doe doe to burn with a pint of lean
It takes grinding to be a king
It takes grinding to be a king
First Round Draft Picks coming
Who is Mike Jones coming
Slab shining with the grill and woman
Slab shining with the grill and woman
I'm Mike Jones (Who) Mike Jones the one and only
you can't clone me
Got a lot a haters and a lot of homies
some friends and some phony
Back then hoes didn't want me
Now I'm hot hoes all on me
Back then hoes didn't want me
Now I'm hot hoes all on me
Back then hoes didn't want me
Now I'm hot hoes all on me
(I Said!) Back then hoes didn't want me
Now I'm hot hoes all on me

What the fuck is up with the repeating of the lyrics? Yo I dunno if that was 16 bars, but that nigga must've wasted 10 with repeat lines. I mean I understand that he's hot regionally. But there are dudes rapping in Chinese in China too. That dont mean they are gonna be the next big thing in hip hop music. Yeah it's cool in Houston, but Texas is a pretty fucking big state. Of course he's popular there. I dunno yall.....the rap game is going down. At least it will if media keeps telling us who to like and who not to, and we listen.


Reese said...

Yea ok...This is what our children are listening to... Remember Special Ed..I got it Now that was hip hop.. lmao...Wtf was that?
((still laughing))

JaNity said...

Paul Wall is hot... Mike Jones got that ugly nigga syndrome, he gassed that chicks are checking for him now. But I agree, he suuuuuccckkksss... and you hear the chorus to his latest single? It's that same damn line, over and over yet AGAIN.