Monday, April 25, 2005

More Various

* My mama of all people is really feeling Ying Yang Twins new song 'Wait'. My 51 year old mama! I on the other hand aint really made my mind up about it yet, but my mama be jamming on the one to it. LOL.

* My aunt called me last week to see if I was 'doing okay'. I thought it was really sweet of her to call and check on me like that. I usually call her to see if she needs anything since I stay pretty close to her and she's in a wheelchair. Triffling me forgot to call her back. She called me again today and I went over and ran a couple of errands for her. She asked me again about her calling me last week to see if I was 'doing okay'. I didnt understand why she kept saying that one little part about if I was 'doing okay'. Then she reminded me that the first day she called, 4/13 was the 2 year anniversary of my father passing. To be honest I knew it was in April, but I couldnt have told u the exact day if my life depended on it. Shit is still a blur really. I dunno if those issues will be worked out really.

* Im pretty sure these 2 asian chicks were checking out my package the other day. I was walking against the wind in my thin ass work trousers when I walked past them. I watched as their eyes fell from my eyes to my crotch. Then their eyes got a bit bigger. LOL. I couldnt help but to crack a huge smile as soon as I got by them. I mean Im not trying to brag or nothing, but the boy do better than okay *wink*

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