Saturday, April 16, 2005

On Fire

I just ate a whole 99 cent bag of Flamin Hot Cheetos, and to most this would seem like nothing blog worthy....but to those that know me, and know I dont eat anything with a spice attached to it...well yeah there ya go.

My mouth is on fire....up in here....its burning's on fire! Whoooooo! I kinda had the munchies while finishing up my overnight shift at the hotel. Plus I was getting tired. I saw someone had abandoned the bag of Flamin Hots, and I thought the spice would be the perk that I need to get me thru the shift. Well perk me up it did. Goddamn my mouth is burning. How do you people do this shit with any regularity?


JaniTy said...

u ate a whole bag... and u'r a newbie to Flaming Hots too? Just a friendly warning, it burns going in... and coming out too. LMAO

Reese said...

lol lol... My son can eat bags of those things. I never tried them because I don't do the spicy thang either. You better get some bread..LMAO