Thursday, April 14, 2005


* I just accidentally deleted my last blog about the crazy dream while trying to edit it. One wrong click and va-vooooosh! Oh well...if u didnt read it, ask me about it.

*I hung out with a very good female friend today. We talked about our relationships and various other things. Among those things we talked about the fundamental differences 'tween men and women. I swear to you...the older we all get........some of these differences are just never gonna change. They been going on before we were, and they'll be here long after we're all gone. We had just better get used to them and move on. Really. That's all to it. Acknowledge it, and keep it moving. Make the best of it. For real.

* I almost got hit by a car today. Not fun at all.

* I cheated on my NWOP diet. I had some fries. I also had some veggie burger for the first time ever. I'll have to try those more often.

* It's getting harder and harder to stay motivated to consistently workout. I've been thinking of plastering pictures of Usher and LL Cool J around the house, but then again that idea strikes me as sorta gay.