Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Is It Crazy.....

....that it's 5:47am as I begin to type this, and I just finished assembling a CD rack?

If you know ANYTHING about know I'm a CD freak. Everybody has their something, and mines is collecting CD's/ Let's just say I got a lot. And let's make it clear that I need a better storage method than the cardboard box method I've been working with. Got paid today, didnt lose my mind and buy shit like Im always tempted to do on payday. However I did see this rack that holds 350 CD's for $20! COPPED!

All the while at work, Im thinking on how Imma throw it together and alleviate some of the congestion caused by the CD boxes in my place. So I got in from work around mid-night. Think I went straight to it? Nope! I watched a lil tv, got on the computer, then watched some more tv. So around 4-ish or so Im thinking...I should be going to bed now. But it's never that easy. I somehow get caught up watching an old re-run of 'Cosby' that I already saw. So now it's 4:30-ish and I get to eyeing the box. Long story short I said 'Fuck It'. I dont have to work til 2:30pm so why the fuck not. Took me a lil less than hour.....and now Im going to bed. Holla!

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JaniTy said...

You gotta hit up Ikea one day... they got really nice CD racks. And they're cheap too, I know that appeals to you. LOL