Friday, September 09, 2005

The 4am List

1. “Wait a minute this is too deep….I gotta change the station…”
2. If she don’t stop referring to me as ‘sir’…..LOL
3. And no she didn’t encourage me to download
4. Im telling the RIAA on her
5. Frosted Cheerios is what’s really hood!
6. Dee Dee recognized a quote that I didnt
7. Reese throws one out that I cant figure
8. …..the fuck is that about?
9. It’s b/c I haven’t been feeling well these last few days
10. Seems all this ripping and running is catching up to me!
11. Nigga sit your ass down for a second!
12. ‘Pac said “Get off your ass if you wanna be rich”
13. I’ll rest when Im dead
14. That’ll be soon if you don’t chill
15. Okay okay! I get it.
16. “Cause how could you give your love to someone else / And share your dreams with me / Sometimes the very thing you're looking for / Is the one thing you can't see”
17. Am I being saved for last b/c Im the best?
18. Been drinking a lot of water
19. My pee is damn near clear lately
20. “It mosturizes my situation and preserves my sexy” – Puffy on Proactiv acne solution
22. She said she’s trying to be my friend
23. But that I’m making it hard b/c Im ‘stuck’
24. Aint that about a……..
25. Grrrrrrrrr!
26. The Bears will inevitably suck this year……again!
27. Kanye sold approx. 860,000 his first week
28. That’s major folks!
29. Im thinking pancakes @ IHOP
30. Anyone wanna join me?
31. Working on this website is getting on my nerves
32. “Lady don’t you hang up on me! I got redial!!! I got redial!!!!”
33. I know her better than she thinks I do
34. Patience Teej!
35. “Hello ad agencies. This is us. This is what we do. Can we have some money please?”
36. That folder is soooo thick with shit to do
37. Yet I still find the time to procrastinate
38. Being sick sucks ass…with a straw….with a hole in it!
39. LMAO @ her for that!
40. I’d appreciate it if you kept your cyber-germs to yourself anyways
41. Why am I using my nails to press buttons and shit?
42. “Don’t wake me / Im dreaming!”
43. Dude is he really dead?
44. I really don’t wanna be involved in their drama
45. But dammit if I aint in the middle
46. Am I listing too much?
47. Do people come across this and get scared b/c its so long?
48. 2 lists per week from now on!
49. What did the 5 fingers say to the face? SLAP!

50. Im praying extra hard for him


NameLiar said...

Da List strikes again. I don't think your lists are generally to long. I think only once you went off on the deep end.
Yeah you slippin' big time on the quotables. It probably is because you are sick. *coughs and says bullshit* Wow excuse me I had to clear my throat or something.
1 day left until Teej's ass whoopin'

Echo said...

Teej? Why are you getting your ass whooped? and NO, your lists are fine.

Have a good weekend!

Reese said...

I think imma list today... a tribute to the teej... ** Kiss Kiss**

Anonymous said...

I swear, I wasn't iggin' ya. Feel better. C

Deeds said...
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Deeds said...

Awwwww...better luck next time babyboo:)

And it was three of em you didn't know...get that ish right boo

#1..."So I turn the dial trynna catch a break and then I hear babyface.I only think of's breakin my heart trynna keep it together but I'm falling apart...."

Sorry I went off there for a sec:)

#19 TMI...boobie...TMI:)

@Echo...cause he swiped back his budnippers when I wasn't looking....for one...:)

Anonymous said...

Hey Teej... CHALLENGE or redemption time:Movies 1.Why am I bumping into shit I know is there?
2.'What' ain't no country I ever heard of.
3.Baby got her stiches out.
4.What the fuck you do? Take steroids or something?
5.Try a breath mint and a visa.
1.How you say 'my love' in Spanish?
2.I'm single now, no ring on this finger now.
3.No one has the power to hurt you like your kin.
4.Bustin more than a sweat in somebody you trust.
5.In my mind we can conquer the world.
TV Theme Songs
1.Whenever this life gets tough you gotta fight it.
2.He's a man of means.
3.If you dish it out we can take it.
4.Hanging in a chow line.
5.When the world never seems to be livig up to your dreams...

Teej said...

Who dat say them wan test Young Teej on his own blog? Bring it!

1.Bad Boys
2.Pulp Ficition
5.Love Jones

1."Mi Amor" - Angie Marintez/Jay Z
2."Superman" - Eminem
3."Get It Together" - India.Arie
4."Retrospect For Life" - Common

TV Theme Songs
2.Diff'rent Strokes
3.A Different World
4.Good Times
5.The Facts of Life

Whomever you must be sweet on Young Teej...throwing me that candy like that! 80% each round! I'll take that!

Deeds said...

Ooooh Teej....

Well on the me:(

But the two you missed in the music cat and the tv theme cat...I got you.

Music #5..."Just you and I" I forget the artist...Michael sang it at Thelma's wedding...Good Times?

And the T.V. theme #1 is
Living Single

Your welcome:)

*dee-dee with a big smile on her face...teej gonna give them budnippers back*

Anonymous said...

Give Dee Dee the budnippers back cuz she brought your score up. (it's a shame she had to help you on a Stevie Wonder song...)The movie was Poetic Justice.

Reese said...

Good Job with the challenge.. I knew the Poetic Justice..and a few other's but that's about it.

Teej said...

Dammit Gina! The budnippers is mine! Now DeeDee if you would like to borrow them you may, or I can take you to the Budnipper store.

Anonymous....are you gonna reveal yourself?

Lesley said...

Uh uh! Cyber germs!!!


You are too much.

And... the Rick James reference made me laugh so hard. I forgot about that!!