Friday, September 02, 2005

As Promised (The Song Quote List)

Im sooo all about song quotes people! The following song quotes have stuck with me throughout the years for various reasons. Some are motivational, some just really hit home with me. Hope you make it through the list........It's only 25 quotes...but it's bit lengthy...bare with me......

1. “Don’t live in no mansion with no pool/Aint got 4 lovers with no babies due….just got my records and my favorite shoes…Cuz Im a sure boy with an open heart/down to finish what I start/Cant nobody change my tune…. – Rahsaan Patterson “Sure Boy”

2. “I switched my motto/instead of saying fuck tomorrow/That buck that bought a bottle/coulda struck the lotto” – Nas “Life’s A Bitch”

3. “Kicking shit called ‘Street Knowledge’/why more niggas in the pen than in college?/because of that line I might be your cellmate/that’s from the nigga ya love to hate!” – Ice Cube “The Nigga Ya Love To Hate”

4. “ …..I was a bastard for that/Still Im drowning in shame/just remember one thing now….you’re not to blame” – Jay Z “You Must Love Me”

5. “Well if I had the chance to hold you again/I would fill your heart with joy Make you remember/I'm the only one for you...yes I would/Let's throw the bad memories out/And make this the first day …..” – Luther Vandross/Lalah Hathaway “Forever For Always For Love”

6. “I fight with myself in the ring of doubt and fear/the rain aint gone/but I can still see clear”…… - Common “ (G.O.D.) Gaining One’s Definition”

7. “There aint nothing I can do/or nothing I can say/That folks don’t criticize me /But Im going to do/Just as I want to anyway/And don’t care just what people say” – Billie Holiday “Aint Nobody’s Business If I Do”

8. “You can pray to early May/fast for 30 days/Still it wont let go, oh/Got a good book and got all in it/tried a little yoga for a minute/But it wont let/go, oh/Tried to turn the sauna up to hotter/drunk a whole jar of holy water/But it wont let go” – Erykah Badu “I Want You”

9. “If every nigga in the hood had a PhD/you’d say that doctor flipped that burger hella-good for me!” – Boots Riley of The Coup “Hip 2 Da Skeme”

10. “We probably in hell already/our dumb asses not knowing/everybody kissing ass to go to heaven and aint going!” – 2PAC “Blasphemy”

11. “As today I know Im living but tomorrow/could make me the past/but that I mustn’t fear/For I’ll know deep in my mind/the love of me I’ve left behind/cause I’ll be loving you always….” – Stevie Wonder “As”

12. “I often wish that I can save everyone/but Im a dreamer” – Scarface “Smile”

13. “They say you cant turn a bad girl good/but once a good girl’s gone bad..she’s gone forever/I mourn forever/Shit I gotta live with fact I did you wrong forever”….”Pretend to be heroic/that’s just one to grow with/but deep inside a nigga so sick!”– Jay Z “Song Cry”

14. “Shine so bright when I walk by/you gotta squint like the mu’fuckin sun in your eye! – Talib Kweli " Too Late"

15. “Feel how I feel when I feel how I feel when I’m feeling….in the sunshine” – Roy Ayers “Everbody Loves The Sunshine”

16. “Stay far from timid/Only make moves when your heart’s in it/And live the phrase ‘Sky’s The Limit’/ ….muthafuckas!/see you chumps on top!” – Notorious B.I.G. “Sky’s The Limit”

17. "But with all the might in you/believe what I say is true/ When I say that I will never ever leave you....or forsake you/ So you just reach out as far as you can/Should the whole world just stare in disbelief/Know that I'll take hold of your hand..." - CeCe Winans "Everlasting Love"

18. “You know I wonder if they’ll laugh when I am dead/Why am I fighting to live/if Im just living to fight?/ Why am I trying to see/when there is nothing in sight?/Why am I trying to give/when no one gives me a try?/Why am I dying to live/if I’m just living to die?” – Jonny Lang “Dying To Live”

19. “I can't smile/can't dream like a child/Can't feel safe in this wide world without you/I can't go/ can't disturb this flow/Can't begin to know what I would do/I can't see/can't find strength to be/Rather not be me without you/I can't deal/I can't even feel/without you I'm not real” – Amel Larrieux “For Real”

20. “I’m innocent in my head/like a baby born dead”……”The Lord’s blessings leave me verbally inclined/shit I don’t even gotta try to shine/God’s the seamstress that tailor-fitted my pain…” – 50 Cent “Patiently Waiting”

21. "Dealing with alcoholism and afrocentricity/A complex man drawn off simplicity” – Common “The 6th Sense”

22. "Maybe I’m a fool/to feel the way I do/But I would play the fool forever/just to be with you forever” – Whitney Houston “I Believe In You and Me”

23. “I might as well/sign my name on a card which can say it better/Time will tell/cuz it seems that I’ve done just about all that I can do” – Isley Bros. “For The Love Of You”

24. “But even when you pray/the next day you gotta try/Cant wait for nobody to just fall out the sky/You've got to realize that the world's a test/You can only do your best and let him do the rest / You've got your life/you've got your health / So quit procrastinating and push it yourself - Cee Lo “In Due Time”

25. “Everyday’s a new day/Yesterday is dead and gone/Just take yourself home/and just carry yourself on/Sun’s gonna shine on your face/Make you feel like/like you can run this race/and you can be the winner/ Take the prize and go home – Anita Baker “Aint No Need To Worry”


NameLiar said...

Hell of a song quote list you got going. I thought you were gonna try and make us figure out where the quotes were from. Thank God you didn't because you would've had me stumped this time cuz-o.

Deeds said...

I never would have guessed those Rap Lyrics that's for sure :)

Unless of course you had some LL in the mix :)

Great list!

Echo said...

I was stumped by a few, Great list. Loved it!

Anonymous said...

Ahh, you beat me to the song quote list. I'm outdone and impressed all at once. C

TheOneandOnlyInsanely said...

OK Teej, I'ma have to bite this one. But I'ma flip it with my favorite movie quotes. AIIGHT?!

Lesley said...


This list is the shit!!

Tupac? Anita Baker? Amel Larrieux? Common? Kweli? Luther? Cee lo? Wiggy Houston?

You killed it. :)

Some of these are my fav songs.

G.O.D w/Com and Cee lo is up there.
Lemme see... Living for the Love of You!! I'm going to listen to that now.

If I have permission I'd like to do a lyric list of my own.

So can I?? ;)

Reese said...

"It could all be so simple
But you'd rather make it hard
Loving you is like a battle
And we both end up with scars
Tell me, who I have to be
To get some reciprocity
No one loves you more than me
And no one ever will" Lauryn Hill The Ex Factor

Janity said...

I'm takin u music shoppin wit me... I need to update my collection. You just confirmed it for me.