Monday, September 19, 2005

The "Semi-Angry...But Fuck It" List

1. "everything I do is judged/and they mostly get it wrong/but oh well!/'cuz the bathroom mirror has not budged/ and the (man) who lives there can tell the truth from the stuff they say/and he looks me in the eye/ and says 'would you prefer the easy way?/ no? well okay then/ dont cry!" - Ani Difranco
2. I fucking L O V E that!!!!
3. Oooh and……
4. "Accept me as I am, with this tendency that I have of being able to love everyone, including you, or just dont fucking bother me at all" - Alice Walker
5. Sons ‘o bitches!
6. I am hip to the hip talk ya know?
7. Dee Dee? “Nameliar”? When’s the rescheduled match?
8. Notice the quotations?
9. We know what your REAL NAME is! LOL.
10. She’s a Leo
11. …and no it wouldn’t be a such a fatality
12. My brother did the dishes w/o me asking!
13. Dude he NEVER EVER…EVER EVER…EVER EVER does the dishes
14. I cant believe I blew $40 at that bar
15. Especially since I was only planning to spend $20
16. Teej the Concierge!
17. Nice ring to it, huh?
18. I love having a reason to fish thru my 1200 or so CD’s
19. Sad thing is I will never have enough CD’s
20. “Fuck the world / don’t ask me for shit!”
21. U ever felt like that?
22. Lord knows I do…..frequently!
23. Cant wait to see the Vegas pics
24. I mean really…who’s validation do I need about me other than my own?
25. Jay Z aint fooling nobody…he WILL make another album
26. So shall you ask….so shall you receive my dear
27. “Open up a windooooooooooooooow”
28. Anyone know what song that is from?
29. We were totally shocked about how she flipped on us
30. “These muthafuckas think Im playin/you think I’m sayin this shit/cuz Im thinking it/just to be sayin it?”
32. Has this nigga been in my applesauce yo?
33. Fuck no we don’t play that shit!
34. I guess we are gonna have to set some rules ‘round this bitch!
35. Shopper Shmopper!
36. Their B-Girl stances were cute!
37. I don’t need the difficulty people!
38. Just cooperate with me and it shall turn out fine
39. Prior preparation prevents piss poor performance
40. It’s hilarious how bad of lip-sync-er Monica was in her first few videos
41. There are 2 rules to life…..
1. Never sweat the small stuff
2. EVERYTHING is small stuff
42. Sending out good energy and well wishes to her on her trip
43. The Bears kicked ass…..finally!
44. I can listen to Goapele’s “Closer” about a million times in a row
45. Naming these lists is getting a bit tiring
46. “Get down girl go ‘head get down!”
47. He laughed b/c I don’t have any measuring cups
48. And I make my Kool-Aid like Sharane’s little brother in House Party
49. I don’t need no measuring cups nigga!
50. My shit be fi’yah anyways!


NameLiar said...

Right we all know my real name. And I don't know when we are going to get this thing rescheduled. Did I tell you I got a j.o.b. so you can stop cracking on me about the cell phone. *Nameliar sticks out tongue*
That's why I am going to whoop yo
A Suga Suga.

But seriously I think Dee-Dee is joining me at the baby shower Saturday. What are you doing Sat. cuz-o I might need a bodyguard, some security or something. Let me know seriously...there is a plate of soul food in it for you.

Deeds said...

Buttering that nigg up with soul food...I likes your style!:) (I'm there...@Mil)

See what we could do is get him all full and tired see...then we say some ish like..."ready for the rematch teej?"...He will be so tired from feeding his face, that we are for sure to kick that a@$...

Did I say all that out loud? DANGIT!...LMAO

Interesting list Teej...Teej and his applesauce:)

Anonymous said...

I'm still all over #20. I'm so through with people asking me for this and that today, hell, yesterday. You on point, as usual. C

Echo said...

I love this...
41. There are 2 rules to life…..
1. Never sweat the small stuff
2. EVERYTHING is small stuff

Echo said...

Ohhhh Teej--I challenged you on my blog!

Lesley said...

Alice Walker... truth right there!

13. I wish someone would do dishes for me every now and then. I hate dishes.

14./15. I always do that!! Always!

17. Nice ring indeed. :)

25. He aint fooled a soul. Retired. lmao

32.33.34.*shakes head* Oh, the perils of sharing space.

36. *strikes another f'd up b boy stance*

45. Naming *is* a pain in the rear.

48. I thought that was the onliest way to make that "hot fiyah" kool aid.

steeeeen said...

"Grape or red?"