Saturday, September 03, 2005

Grrrrrrr!!!!! (*sigh*)

"I'm not having kids. Kids grow up to be big people, and big people piss me off!" - The Teej circa 1994

*sigh*.........Why the fuck do I have to beg and plead with my mama at 11 o'clock at night not to throw my little brother's shit on the street? Why do I now have a temporary roommate? You guessed it..... said little brother. Im not tripping on him staying with me. Him living with my mom is pretty much done. Of course I'll let him stay with me. Isnt that what big brother's do?

What Im tripping on is me having to play mediator 'tween these two bickering fools. Yes I love my mama. And yes I just referred to her as a fool. Sorry. And then I got to hear both sides of their stories. You know the 3 sides to every story notion? That shit is ringing sooooo true right now. In listening to them I can hear where they are exaggerating certain details. Black people! I tell ya. I dont even feel like going into specific details.

Just know that this type of shit the exact reason why I dont know about having kids. Cause they'll grow up on you and piss you off! Every big person that has ever pissed you off.....oh yeah...they usta be a kid! So I just figure me not having kids is effectively using my bud-nippers and nipping that shit in the bud!



Deeds said...

"Bud-Nippers" Where can I purchase them sh*ts right there:)

Well Good for you letting your brother stay with you...I'm impressed:)

Don't ever call your Mother a fool again or...nah bump that....I'm coming over right now and giving you a spankin'..."Open the door Teej" :)

Echo said...

You are too funny. I had my nephew living with me for a bit, when he got mad at me, he went to my momma, when he got mad at her he went to his momma. It was crazy. I have no kids. But he is the oldest of 11 neices and nephews...Could I be in for more?

Reese said...

What the hell? lol Now u know you'd make a wonderful father.. Don't give up hope yet ok.. BTW hope your lil brother is a better roommate than my grimy ass sister who now owes me $600 instead of $200... ummm hmmm
Love Ya... And the Vacation is going great!!!

TheOneandOnlyInsanely said...

Yea, thats unfortunate, I was in the same position, with my little sister, luckily she played me, thats a long story, so now I don't have to have her @$$ all in my crib, chillin and having her grimy @$$ boyfriend all in my shit. I don't like people in my shit. Thats how shit get fucked up. But I was willing to help. She'll be aiight, I was kicked at at 17, she's 21, she'll survive. But she shoulda never burned this bridge. Thats all I gotta say. Before I go off.....