Monday, September 12, 2005

Manic Melancholy Monday

"So much on my mind / I just cant recline / blasting holes in the night / til she bled sunshine..."

*As the title suggests Im feeling a bit melancholy. Definitely happens from time to time. No worries I shall bounce back.

*I cant watch no more TV or read any more articles dealing with Katrina coverage. The actual hurricane was what?...2 weeks ago? But the aftermath and whatnot will be felt for awhile to come. It's just damn sad to see the pictures and hear the stories anymore. But it's still reality. It must be dealt with. Im waiting til I get paid on the 20th to figure out what kinda donation I can make. I need to figure out what more I can do. Maybe I can give some clothes away. Or go buy can goods too. I need to do something in addition to the praying.

*A week into my brother staying at my place. No problems there. When I lived at home he never did wash dishes so I didnt expect that. I just cant bask in all my naked glory like I would normally. Self love has been restricted to the shower only. Ooooh I dont like when I unsuspectedly walk in the bathroom maybe 10 minutes or so after he done blew it up and have to deal with the stench of someone else's shit! I done went thru damn near a whole pack of inscents b/c of him. But again.....I lived with this dude for damn near 1/4 century so it's not at all unfamiliar. I just have to remember to remember it all.....

* Would yall believe I think I may be feeling a tad bit of pressure as far as writing in my own damn blog? Over say....the last 2 months or so I've gotten crazy compliments from peeps who've come across this here blog o' mine. Compliments coming left and right. People suggesting I submit this and that to a literary agents and publishers. Talk about pressure! Somedays as I write in it I wonder what peoples reaction will be. Will they dig it? Somedays I dont even write b/c Im afraid what I have an impluse to write about may not be substantial enough. I have to bring myself back to reality. IT'S MY SHIT!!!! I originally started writing for me. Lord knows I love all my blog buddies to death and I appreciate the comments......but I kinda have to get back to square one, ya know? Listen to me go off of the deep end here. LOL. Pardon me for a sec...I need to conference with myself. This'll only take a sec.....'Boy if you dont hush up with all that jibba jabba and just do what you been doing..which is write what you feel. Fuck all the extra shit!'.



NameLiar said...

Exactly! Don't get all caught up Teej. Just write what you feel. No matter if you think it will make the Bestsellers lists or not. Hell that's what I do. I don't care if I write crap one day and even more crap the next...who cares let it out.

And if you want to write a book or publish something, you know from their comments that you have the ability to do so. But this ain't a book its a blog...Remember what you told me when you first got me started writing mine...Let it out Cuz-o.

Anywho we all know you are feeling Melancholy because you chickened out this

Anonymous said...

Like you always tell me, relax! I'm actually in a really good mood today, so I'm sending you some sunshine (for once its not the other way around). Its gonna be alright, promise promise promise. Ok, pinky swear even. C

Teej said...

Good shit cuz-o. I shall take heed.
But errr-ummmmm you know damn I didnt chicken out of shit. Wasnt me that got 'busy' all of a sudden.

Echo said...

Well I like your stuff, and do come here to read quality shid...Lol, just kiddin, I actually come to your blog, and go to nameliar for a laff and the interaction. I hope you feel betta tomorrow.

TheOneandOnlyInsanely said...

You cool Teej, write what you feel and fuck what people say. DO YOU!!!! And I feel you about being ablr to bask in your naked glory, once I move to Dallas with my father, its all over.

jk with an E said...

dude... you have to get these japanese drops they sell... they totally disguise the stench. just 2-3 drops prior to the "doo", and **walla** NO ODOR... for real fo real.
let me know if you want the hook up!

Lesley said...

We all get pissy at times... just feel it and it'll pass. You know how it goes. :)

I can only take small doses of the coverage myself. It's a shame... but it's the truth.

And...I can feel you on the pressure to "perform" on your blog. It's weird.

Reese said...

I'm the Queen of Melancholy.((Hmm))
But I love you Teej, real soon we gon' tear up Sin City and LA too! You're the reason I even blog. I used to write in my journal, but I'd always get too busy with life... *thus the dust settles on the Journals* I'm a writer and this is what I do best! Thanks for motivating me and being a friend.


mamma gaia said...

let it out teej! let it out! i know i'm late so you're probably already laughin' and smilin' and brightening someone else's day. self love restrcicted to the shower, huh? LMAO! it's funny, i haven't written in a while for the exact reasons you mentioned. who knew blogs could generate so much pressure? and oh! get the deets on those japanese drops. paleeeeze! my roommate STINKS!!!