Monday, September 05, 2005

Labor Day Listing

1. Yes…even if you turn Jehovah’s Witness!
2. Still don’t see why I can sit in the car though
3. We actually slowed our step down to hear the ‘Hyde Parking Singing Lady’
4. She said the HPSL is her favorite thing about living in Hyde Park
5. “Gasolina”
6. “If tomorrow is judgement day/(sing mommy)/and I’m standing on the front
line/and the Lord asks me what I did with my life/I will say I spent it with you”
7. “If I should die this very day /Don’t cry cuz on earth /We weren’t meant to
stay/And no matter what the people say/I’ll be waiting for you/After the
judgement day”
8. Wow!
9. Deep, right?
10. I damn near wanted to type out the whole song
11. Such a sweet song
12. Wouldn’t you agree?
13. Gyro with sauce and cheese please!
14. Living by the lake is cool
15. But dammit I need more space
16. I got too much shit I say!
17. Some affection would be nice right now
18. Self love is getting old
19. I think I want a Blackberry
20. But I settled for a $20 Nokia for now
21. Jill Marie played me just a bit I feel
22. So did Allan Payne
23. That’s why that nigga aint had a good role since G Money!
24. Ol hairy assed nigga
25. Tocarra has dropped soooo much since first entering the public eye
26. Saw them all at a Celeb bowling event we covered for the show
27. I don’t think I have a single John Mayer album
28. I know I know!
29. They wouldn’t let me go in Dr. Wax yesterday
30. They are good friends indeed
31. “No! Lemme see YO ID!!!”
32. Those projected bedtimes never go as plannned
33. Some days I miss her sooooo bad
34. Anyone hear Alicia’s new song “Unbreakable”?
35. Fucking incredible!
36. It’ll make you swoon
37. Hopefully those DVD’s will hold her over for awhile
38. “I want a wife/I love women/How could I front like I don’t be in love with ‘em/A
lil man/that I could teach/A lil sand/but not the beach/ I figure an excess will only
lead to an excessive amount of fuss”
39. The hotel will be a virtual ghost town
40. Holiday pay……
41. Woohoo!
42. “George Bush doesn’t care about Black People!!!”
43. Give ‘em hell Kanye!!!!
44. Not sure which organization I will donate to
45. Im thinking it will be a more grassroots one
46. Do people still eat chitlin’s?
47. Why?
49. Go ahead vote VIP-TV again
50. It wont hurt you


Deeds said...

I agree:)

The "poor and sleeping in Grand Central Station" line is my fav:)

#18..."wasted talent":)


#34...beautiful song:)

Lesley said...

5. I love that song. I don't understand shit but... it gets me hype.

6,7,8,9 Yes... deep. Now... *that's* that Teacake/Janie love.

17,18 I'm with you when you're right. *nods* I'm sick of myself!!

19 I wanted a Treo... but I settled for a much lesser phone as well. I hope to get my Hello Kitty phone in the near future.

23, 24 LOL!! That nigga does have taco meat. Gwoss.

27 NO!! You need to get right. Even if you download. (He's got enough money.)

28 Shame on you.

42 Kanye is cool with me now. I was indifferent about him up until this point. (Besides my affinity for "Gold Digger.")

46, 47 I think so... and that... my friend, is disgusting.

Your lists are killing sir. :) I like it!!

NameLiar said...

Where is Allen Payne's hairy ass?

AimHigher said...

Whitney was on point with that song.

He was good in Jason's Lyric.

I love Alicia new song, a hit I'm sure.