Thursday, June 30, 2005


Last week a friend of mine and I were discussing relationships (lol...been doing that alot lately it seems) and the topic of Soulmates came up. So maybe Im looking at it with a lil too much reality and the such....but the notion of a 'soulmate' is absolutely ridiculous when you really think about it! What is a soulmate? The one person in the world that you were born to be with and vice versa. WTF? Does that really make sense?

Most people live in the same city for the majority of their life looking for their soulmate? If Im in ignorant would I have to be to assume my soulmate was also in Chicago. What if my soulmate is inIceland or some shit. What if they were born 30 years before or after me? B/C you know people always assume their soulmate is in the same age range.

Dont get me wrong....Im probably the most fairytale ending -wishing, head in the clouds, dreaming, sentimental dude you dun ever came across in your life, but the notion of just one person meant for me to truly be with is a bit much. Even for me and these dreaming eyes of mine. Now I do believe that there is somebody for everybody. I believe that if 2 people share enough in common, geniunely care and love each other, and are willing to put up with the others BS (b/c EVERYBODY comes with their own form of BS....whether they change it for the better later or not) then they can make it as a couple. But a 'soulmate'?

Nah son....I aint buying much as I would love to. Reality just wont let me. For the record...I aint trying to shape no one's opinion or crush anyone's dream. Just sharing my opinion for what it's worth.


Reese said...

Damn you mean I'm NOT your soulmate... ((sigh)) I'm crushed.. lol

GradieGreen said...

I think the whole soulmate thing done feel apart at the seams. Its more like a flesh-mate thing that has taken over now. Nobody is really looking at making a future with another person. Its more about the "now". Sad, so so sad ...

jk with an E said...

"soulmates dissipate"

NameLiar said...

I feel you Teej but check this out let's buy into this whole "soulmate" thing for a second. If it is true then all the reasons you listed as to why it couldn't be true don't matter.

If someone out there is truly your "soulmate" then the two of you would find your way to each other no matter where either of you lived. For example, one of you would get a job offer near the other, you would run into each other at a poetry reading. She would be visiting Chicago from Iceland because she wanted to see a Common show and you would be there. If having a "soulmate" is our destiny then your paths will cross somehow.

Or maybe your "soulmate" is always near, everything happens for a might be living where you are living now for that very reason. This world moves like a chess game your queen might be one square away, but you can't see her because that rook is cock blockin'

As powerful as God is any of these things could happen on any day. Now do I believe any of that...I'm not sure yet...but we both know I keeps it real...I just had to speak on it.

Anonymous said...

The word soulmate is a little misleading. People tend to confuse the word "soul" for "sole." You don't have to have THE ONE to make your being dance. There are a few people that satisfy different parts of me, each in their own unique way.