Monday, June 20, 2005

What's Going On In The World Today?

* First....what the fuck is with the trend of rappers catching murder charges just as their album is about to drop? What kinda fucked up new marketing ploy is this? First we had Gucci Mane outta Atlanta, and now it's Philly's very own 'Mr. Imma Hustla' Cassidy. Both has news of their murder charges announced within a week of their album dropping. Coincidence? Hmmmmmm. If so Im sure the record labels dont mind. More press and sales for them, right? WTF? I swear...if it happens one more time, we are gonna know that the fix is on!

*When it comes to rappers, having beef is nothing new. It's damn near a pre-requisite these days. BUT COMEDIANS???? What in the fuck? Apparently there are a few folks a bit peevee at Arnez J. He, for some reason, keeps getting accussed of stealing other comedian's jokes. First Steve Brown, the Alex Thomas, and now Rickey Smiley has beef with him. This is what Thomas had to say about his run in with Arnez J. ....."I was sitting in the audience one night at a show and Arnez J. performed one of my jokes. The f***ed up thing about it was when I approached him about it, he said, 'If I knew you were here, I wouldn't have done it.' " Arnez J. claims none of this ever happened. Now Rickey Smiley and Arnez have gotten into b/c Smiley said that Arnez try to go on before certain performers and use some of their bits to intentionally make the latter performer have a bad show. They've went back and forth on radio about each other just like a pair of rappers would. Arnez says this never happened either. I dunno folks. It seems beef is becoming an entity of it's own. Who woulda thunk (yeah 'thunk' is word dammit!) that they would see the day when fucking comedians are beefing?

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Rebecca said...

Nah, you didn't really startle me; I was just messing around. The place I work is really called Dairy Mart--aka Handy Andy's, Mac's, Circle K, among other names. I actually like the work I do there, I just don't like the job--if that makes any sense. It's good that I have it back though, because I feel sort of vindicated.