Saturday, June 18, 2005

Inspiration (Blog Buddies)

So with this blog thing Im able to vent, bitch, moan and cry about any and every thing on my mind. And in the year or so that I have been doing this blog I've actually mananged to attain some regular readers. A few of these readers have actually started their own blogs and credited lil ol me with being the inspiration. How fucking cool is that? Isnt that what life is all about anyways? Touching people? Affecting their lives in a positive way? As Nikki G once said....

"and if ever i touched a life i hope that life knows that i know that touching was and still is and will always be the true revolution"

And with that said Im gonna shout out my regular blog readers that I know no particular order of course.......Lord help me if I forget anyone...........

Millie Mae - Cuz-o you are the realest. I swear your blog is absolutely THE funny shit ever. I'm thinking we need to write the ultimate smart-assed, witty movie. I believe you owe me some art work too!

Lexy - U know what it is. The powers that be need to not let us put out heads together too often. They oughta be glad we arent in the same city. We'd fuck some shit up, huh?

JaniTy - Where to start? Have we not helped each other along the way? You give me silverware that I oh so desperately need, I give you Stevie lessons that you dont need as much as we thought did. Almost a fair exchange I guess. LOL. When do I get that magazine stand? You are beautiful and you BETTA know it!

Amina - Wise beyond your years my dear. Reminds me of a younger me. LOL. I'll try to refrain from 'coming at you wrong'. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL. Blog more, okay?

Reese - Are we a pair of tortured souls or what? I'm sure b/c of the fact that our spirits are in the right place we will end up where we oughta be. Bank on it. should look into changing your blog layout. It hurts my eyes when I read it. LOLOLOL.

Ashley - I mean how much more can 2 people have in common? Love for music, in the entertainment industry, going thru our love battles, etc. Except for I dont sleep with a Tickle Me Elmo. Never have, never will. *smile* We are individualistically individuals even with our crazy idiosyncrasies. And that's all we need to be, right?

Junie - Arent we soooo 'here'? What the hell have we ever disagreed on? I really appreciate all of the talks and the wisdom and coaching and whatnot. Let's see if your predictions are right. I surely hope so.

Chelly - Could anyone be more of a typical Aries than you? Such a sweetie....but stubborn as shit!!!!! LAWDHAVEMERCY!! My oh my we've had some deep convos over the years, havent we? Thanks for the wisdom. Didnt I write a blog with a title like that? U gotta use your blog more too!

Nelly - We've been cool since before the blog thing. Glad you made one to share you P.O.V. too. Write in it more, will ya? Here's to hanging out all hours of the early morning, watching all sorts of movies and hitting like 3 or 4 spots in one night! Im thinking we should do all those more often until one of us finds a new or get back with our significant others.

Gentle - U still come by here? Im inspired by your creativity. I wanna be like you when I grow up you deep house head you! *smile* Please please please tell me when the book is ready. Im soooo anticipating it. Promise to sign my copy?

Lola'Rola - U 2! Still come by here my Scorpio Sister?.....Every since that one picture you posted of you with your finger up your nose I knew we were gonna be friends. Good luck on the move to NYC. I still want my Billie painting too! I aint forgot!

KK- If I truly know you at all I'd guess you'd just as soon wish I had left you out of this particular blog. But then again...I also think you'd be just a tad hurt if I did. What can I say? Im talking inspiration here. And I know you read this, and you definitely have inspired me to do alot, so there ya go. I'm gonna be a better man b/c of you. Now if that aint inspiration I dont know what is...............


Reese said...


Thanks for the lil shout out.. Awwww Her feel so special.. Really, Honestly, I FEEL like I have made a friend for life in you. I know there is someone out there that I can call on whenever I need him and that is very assuring. Yes, YOU are the reason I blog... although I am a writer, sometimes I find it hard to write... but this has really improved me in ways I never imagined. I know that success will follow wherever you go...with whomever u are with((smile))!! You will always be so beautiful to me..

Love, Reese

P.S ummm I'm not changin my Blog layout.. lol and I got so drunk last nite... ( I will blog at the end of the weekend)

JaniTy said...

Gyeah!! You know u are the bomb. I never gave my diary link out to anyone until you came along. You've opened my eyes to the treasure that is "Cooley High" (and I DID cry when Cochise died, dammit) and I'm glad I met you. hold up... I'm feeling verklempt... *sniff sniff* ok I'm back. I know now because of me, you'll always be listening for the hidden stuff in songs... and you'll get your magazine holder when I feel like making it, DON'T RUSH GENIUS!!

Anonymous said...

I really like reading your blog. You have a great sense of humor and you keep it real!

Reese said...

BTW... I changed my blog layout, not b/c of you (of course) lol , but simply b/c it was a lil depressing.. I wanted to brighten things up...
Love ya, Umm hmmm!! Turn ya phone back on pleaseeee!

jk with an E said...

i know you did not bust me out and give my gub'ment issued name! but it's all good, you're "THE TEEJ", anything you do is all good in my eyes. thanks for the shout out, it's about time!!
my predictions will come true, didn't you know.... i'm the real ms. cleo mon!
here's our quote: "What is a friend? A single soul dwelling in two bodies."

sending you love all the way from hawaii... junie

still want the "c.o.t.c." experience?

Rebecca said...

Sorry to be an interloper in this particular entry, but I wanted to let you know I read your comment and I'm a tad nervous about the "we got some talking to do" bit :).

Chellsation said...
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NameLiar said...

Thanx for the love cuz-o and as for the being a smart ass part...hey what can I say every neighborhood needs one. What would the world be without us?