Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Gotta Be More Than Coke!

This fool has to be on some premieum high powered Cali shit! Who the fuck in their right mind would show up to a court of law where they are accused of murder and on trial for their life looking like this? You know what this hairdo says in a courtroom? It says "Ladies and gentlemen of the jury...let me just cut to the chase as to not waste any more of your time and tax dollars. I Phil Spector am obviously insane here. I mean look at me. I did this on purpose, you know? Just go on ahead and do us all a favor and send me to jail. Thank you!" How does one of caucasian decent get their hair to do this anyway? Seems to me it is pre-meditated. He put some thought (albeit some crazy deranged thought) into this. And Im thinking he had to apply some sorta gel or holding spray. Can you see him in the mirror in the morning prepping for court patting his shit trying to get it to look 'right'? What's going on in the world today? I ask you!


Anonymous said...

You are killing me! Where did you find this stuff. He is straight up crazy!

steeeeen said...

It's a wig, babe. He totally did that on purpose.