Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Clarity Like A Mu'fucka!

In talking via IM with the Kid Genius Danya...I came up with some 'ingenius, 'thank God for granting this moment of clarity' shit'. And then....being the fucking young Einstein ass that she is...Big D from NYC came back just as strong. Peep...

Teej: cant nobody argue with your own personal view of where u should be or what u should've accomplished by the timeline u gave urself
Teej: just so happens that reality happens how it does...and most times not in line with what we envisioned
Teej: so now the question you fight it? or do you let it go down how it's gonna go down?
Teej: damn see how deep i just came? im finna blog that shit!
Danya: hahaha
Danya: i say fight whatever feels natural to fight
Danya: as in, fight until it no longer makes sense
Teej: true!
Danya: but be inventive with ur approach
Danya: sometimes u have to just go beyond what they were expecting

Apply it as needed, wherever you need to, but that shit is the sho shot truth right there!

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