Wednesday, June 15, 2005

What Hunger And Brokeness Will Do To Ya

If someone woulda told me that it would come to this....I would never have believed them. If you know me you know I dont experiment with food. I like what I like and dammit that's it! You'd be hard pressed to get me, THE TEEJ, to try something new. And with that said...I am totally blaming the reason for this particular blog on the fact that I am broke with it being approx. 5 days from payday.

I, Anthony (TJ) Armour Jr (yup....thats the full gub'ment issued name if you didnt already know!) being of sound mind, hereby admit that I knowingly and willfully ate Deer.

Hey! I mean what do you peeople want from me? The conceirge (yup the same conceirge that ate the ant infested bougie candy) ordered the shit from the cafe, and decided that she didnt want all of it. It smelled good and I asked what it was. "Venison" was what she replied. "Say what? What the hell is that?" was what I said. "Deer" was how she retorted. And at this point I had a decision to make. The shit looked good, smelled good, and my stomach was talking to me. "Oh what the fuck! If I were stranded in the woods for 3 days I wouldnt second guess eating some damn well cooked deer" is what I thought. And so I did the shit. Yeah I did it. It wasnt bad. Cant say I'll be eating it weekly or no shit, but it wasnt bad. That's my story and Im sticking to it!

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JaniTy said...

ain't nothing wrong with eating venison, Young "Broke Bachelor" Teej... I'm actually proud of you for stepping out of the box and trying something new. Next stop, Thai food!! I'm gonna try alligator at the Taste next week. Yummy!!