Thursday, June 23, 2005

Okrah Gets Told No!

LOL!!! How funny is this shit? If you hadnt heard Miss Okrah (My pet name for Oprah) was in Paris and decided she wanted to go to the Hermes (wtf is Hermes? Is this some high-end lady shit? I've never heard of it) store. Only problem was by the time she had gotten there they had juuuuuust closed at 6:30pm. Well Okrah is Okrah. Number 1 on Forbes Rich List. You would think the peoples at the Hermes store would make an exception for her, right? Hell to the Nizzo! Big O politely asked a sales clerk if she could just pop in and buy a watch for her dinner partner that evening, Tina Turner. Homegirl was not budging and told her it was a no go, and then the manager came out and backed her up. Needless to say Okrah was more than miffed, clutched her pearls (Holla JT Money!) and left.

Now the clerk and manager say that they didnt recognize her b/c she wasnt in full hair and makeup. And that's understandable. I dunno if you even saw Okrah before she goes thru hair and makeup, but please believe it's damn near a different person when she's all did up. However, contray to the Hermes clerk and manager, sources say they knew damn well who she was. Apparently they even reportedly told her "We know who you are." Then they also went so far as to say that and furthermore, they'd been "having a problem with North Africans lately."!!!!!!!!!

Begins chant * Awwww shit. Muthafucka Muthafucka! Awwww shit Muthafucka Muthafucka!*

Dont be telling Okrah that you mistook her for a regular nigga! That aint what you wanna do! While she hasnt specifically said she thinks it was an issue of race, she reportedly has told friends "If it had been Celine Dion or Britney Spears or Barbra Streisand, there is no way they would not be let in that store." Which to me sounds the like race card like a mu'fucka! LOL.

Apparently before this whole incident she had ordered 12 of the store's Birkin Bags at about $6500 a pop (WTF? On a hand bag? Are you shitting me!!!!!), and had another on the way. Needless to say she called and cancelled that shit. She also called the President of Hermes in America and told her how she's feeling.

She's also apparently considering talking about it on her show. You know that wildly popular TV show she hosts? Yeah the same one that threw the beef industry in a tizzy when she did a show about how they inhumanley slaughter cattle. You remember? Beef's stock prices dropped like my drunk uncle after he done hit the Wild Irish Rose one too many times. Didnt the beef industry try to sue her for fucking up they shit? Please believe Hermes betta nip it in the bud with her. They dont want those kinda problems from O-Dog.


Anonymous said...

Were you, or are you, a stand up comedian????? This is too funny. I can't believe Oprah went throught this but I am sure that she is not going to take this lying down.

BTW, glad ou are back online!

Janity said...

Harpo is finna get in dat Herm-ass!!!

I think this has happened to her before in NY...

*clutchin the pearls* ha! ICU

GradieGreen said...

I guess she left her, "I aint a KNEE-GRA" Platinum card at home on the counter that day. I bet Walmart is looking pretty good to her right now, its open twenty 4 seven, lol.

Just Wonderin said...

Who recaps a news story on their blog...I mean...just cut and

NameLiar said...

Oh my goodness! LMAO! Oprah got turned away. This is killing me...I'm dying of laughter. They said they didn't know who she was...LOL! Dang...adding injury to insult. She looked so different (ugly...I had to say it, Oprah looks like a monster without makeup) they didn't know who she was...hahaha!

Keep ya mask on and you won't have these problems. Geez lady stop frightening the children, that's just cruel. LOL

Johnica J. Garrett said...

I love me some Hermes, but I guess I will have to boycott until this situation is handled. How sad.