Thursday, June 23, 2005

And The People Collectively Exhale

Yeah right! I probably got about 7 or so diehard readers.Dont fret my good people my blog is doing just fine. Im pretty sure the good folks at Blogger/Blogspot were doing some work and that was the sole reason my blog was unavailable for those 2 or 3 days. No JaniTy...aint no jealous/crazy-deranged woman deleted my shit. LOL. You's a fool for that one sis.

Shout out to my 'Anonymous' readers. I really do appreciate your input.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the shou out, I have been commenting since I saw Ronnie Spector...that was some funnt stuff!

Anonymous said...

awww, thanks for observing the unknowns. one of these days, i'll get the inspiration to start my own blog.