Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Jamaican Funk!

Im back from Jamaica in one piece. (Pauses for cheering...) So lemme do this in a special way. I'll lay it out like this here....

The Good : The wedding that I went down there for was B E A U T I F U L!!! I mean whats better than a wedding on the beach in fucking Montego Bay, right? It threatened to rain, but it held up and again the wedding was beautiful. Like my man 'Los said...."it was probably THE most beautiful thing I've ever personally witnessed!" Other than that...Sun, warm weather, being away from the stress of the daily grind, my celly didnt work down there so I didnt have to worry about that. It was just good to be able to relax, ya know? Ooooh and I walked the beach (alone) the first 2 days at sunrise and took pictures.

The Bad : The fucking resort was in the middle of NOWHERE! And they really made it a point to discourage you from wandering off the resort b/c apparently they have some bout it ass jamaican robbing crews that prey on outta-towners. That's cool and all. There's alot to do in the resort itself b/c it was huge....BUT.....the only problem for the kid was....hmmm I was there by my damn self! And dont get me wrong...I do good with solitude. I enjoy the shit. But not on this trip. EVERYBODY....and I mean EVERYBODY I knew was down there with their significant others. Im serious...EVERYBODY! Want me to name names? There was of course Dave and Jamila, then you had Carlos and Tonya, Curtis and Lisa, Nicole and Doe (Dont ask me...I didnt name the boy), Kristin and Eric, Jocelyn and Muhammad, Taria and whatever her husband's name is, Mr. and Mrs. Leonard, Mr. and Mrs. Powell....and so you get the point, right? Most of the time hanging out with everybody I felt like the damn extra wheel. Ewww....not a great feeling. The only other single person was the bride's 20 yr lil brother...who ended up shacking with me so b/c I had double beds in a room by myself! He wasnt a bother or nothing. He was mad cool, but Im sure you get the point right? And I didnt even find me a cute island girl to flirt with!!!!!

In Conclusion : The getaway was great. Definitely needed that. The trip would have been world's better had I had a female companion/sweetie to hang out with though.

And that's all I have to say about that!

p.s. the flight back was delayed for 4 hours. Uh huh yeah.....

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