Sunday, December 19, 2004

Some of 'Song Cry'

I can understand why you want a divorce now/Though I can't let you know it/pride won't let me show it/Pretend to be heroic/that's just one to grow with/But deep inside a nigga so sick

We was so happy poor/but when we got rich/That's when our signals got crossed/and we got flipped/Or rather mine/I don't know what made me leave that shit/Made me speed that quick/let me see .../that's it what was oh so special then/You have given away without gettin at me/That's your fault/ow many times you forgiven me?/how was I to know that you was plain sick of me?/ know the way a nigga livin was wack/but you don't get a nigga back like that!/Shit I'm a man with pride/you don't do shit like tha/tYou don't just pick up and leave /and leave me sick like that/You don't throw away what we had/just like that/I was just flirtin with them girls/I was gon' get right back/They say you can't turn a bad girl good/But once a good girl's goin bad/she's gone forever/I'll mourn forever/Shit I gotta live with the fact I did you wrong forever......

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