Monday, December 27, 2004

23,000 and counting? WTF?!!??

What the fuck is going on when over 23,000 people can be killed by an act of nature? That shit is ridiculous. There were approx. 3,000 people killed in the WTC terrorist attacks. But over 23,000? And that toll is expected to rise during and after clean up and recovery efforts!!! That shit is mindblowing to me. The tragic lost of life is always sad, but when that many people die at the same time.......just wow! I had never heard of a Tsunami before now. They have a name for every fucking thing. But according to stats.....Tsunami's are the most dangerous of all the natural disasters. Fuck a hurricane, earthquake and tornando! Yo say a prayer and hold on tight to your loved ones. None of this life is promised.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, that really sucks, esp. since now the count is up to 52,000! It's important to live life happily and completely. Peace. KK