Monday, December 13, 2004

Just Cause I Need To Blog About Something Else...

lyrics from Masta Ace's verse in song "Crooklyn" of the soundtrack of the same name. Just cause it was in my head all night.

"Im getting a rottweiler / without a collar/ get off my block / or you give me a dollar!"

"I think I saw Raj and Re-Run runnin up the block/ from Dwayne and Dwayne had a glock/ cuz he be selling rocks for the Patridge Family / and Ruben Kincaid drives a 300 E!"

Oooooh and this song too!

"Fa La La La La Bamba! Yo no soy marineo! Yo no soy marieno. El Capitan. El Capitan!"

Hey it's my blog and I can post lyrics to La Bamba if I damn well please.

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