Wednesday, December 22, 2004

I want ass!!!!

Comedian Steve Harvey, who has become close friends with Michael Jackson, told EUR why he doesn't believe past sexual molestation charges against the singer.

"See here's the deal," Steve said, "if you rape my son, my son, you can't give me no money. I want you. You can't buy me out. And real men and real people who have real families feel that way. If somebody molests your daughter, you're not buying none of that. That's how real people are. So how all of a sudden is some money gonna buy them off?

"You don't get the whole 20 [million]," Steve continued. "The lawyer's gonna get half of that. Then by the time you pay the taxes, you understand where you're at? You sayin', 'So it's okay to rape my son for $2 million?' That's how I know it's fake; it's just about money. Because real parents love their children so [much], that you can't do nothing to them and get away with it.
I want ass. You do something to my son, I'm getting yo' ass. You not paying me off, I'm getting yo' ass. Trust me. I want you to go to prison, so I can call some of my cats I know that's down there so I can make your life hell for 14 years."

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