Sunday, December 12, 2004


"Where do broken hearts go?/Can they find their way home?/Back to the open arms/Of a love that's waiting there/And if somebody loves you/Won't they always love you?/I look in your eyes/And I know that you still care for me....."

I cant believe Im fucking posting Whitney Houston lyrics!!!! What the fuck is wrong with me? Or at least I cant believe Im posting the lyrics to "Where Do Broken Hearts Go?"!! Why not "It's Not Right But It's Okay" or some shit. Why that? Im at work and that song came on...and that part in the chorus just stuck out to me. I wanna hear X-Tina's "Beautiful". I NEED to hear that one. The bottom-cant get no more bottomer-line is I love the girl. I want it to be just her and I. I've made some mistakes to where we cant be together right now, but I dont wanna go back and forth placing blame and screaming at each other and what not. Can a nigga just get some peace of mind? Recollect myself with a clear head and proceed?

I need some George Michael "One More Try" in my life.....

"I've Had Enough Of Danger/And people on the streets/I'm looking out for angels/Just trying to find some peace...."

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Steeeeen said...

Damn had it bad!