Friday, December 17, 2004

My Minnesota Trip

So I guess I should start by saying that for the most part my cousin is okay. See this all started when a little bit b4 Thanksgiving she was having some type of pain and asked someone for a painkiller or something. Well whatever she was given was no damn painkiller. Next thing we know the poor child is in a Target Dept. Store trying to set her own hair on fire. Crazy, right? So after spending Thanksgiving weekend in the fucking psyche ward, it seems that whatever had worn off. But since then she seems to go in out of spells. My 2 1/2 days up there I had been kinda observing her and whatnot. At times she seemed normal, and then other times she was talking crazy and acting paranoid and shit. Im hoping it's not dementia or whatever you call it. Im hoping that it's just the side effect of whatever she was given. Also she gave me one of the pills that she was given so we are gonna have that checked out. She and her boys actually came back down here with me, so we are gonna have this whole mess situated in a bit.

But can I tell yall about my trip up there? 2 things.....For one...I had never really been THAT near Amish people. About 8 of them mugs was on the bus with me. Im a pretty open-minded guy. I respect all religions and cultures and what not. But yall know them mugs dont use deodorant, right? So that's all I have to say about that!

And two....I came outta sooooo much $$$ on this lil impromptu trip. Like a little bit more than $400!!!! My round trip ticket was $116. Plus I took out about $100 pocket cash. $30 of which I used for the cab from the bus station to her crib! I never had a $30 cab ride yo! N E V E R!!! Then I spent $196 for the bus tickets for my cousin and her 2 boys to come back down. So we all get here at about 7am. My uncle picks us up and drops ME off at my place. I dont even know where they went. Either my mama's or my granny's....honestly I dont care. I did my part. I got them down here in one piece. I know that is wrong, but I been wanting some Teej Time since I got there damn near. Anyways I get home to discover that my home phone is off. (By the way I'd like to take this time to send a big FUCK YOU to MTI. I'm soooo through with yall, it dont even make sense!). And also...I found a 5 day notice from my building managers. Yup Young Teej is/was tardy on that young rent. Dont fret. My family already offered to help reimburse me, so I'll be taking care of the rent situation on Monday....if they come through. Sad to say...but I cant discount the word 'trife' when being used to describe my family. But Im the T to the mu'fuckin! You know I'll be okay......

P.S. Shout to my lil cousin Jamela! Oh how I love that lil girl. She was telling me about the school play that she is in this week. She was showing me her lil dance/song number thingy. It goes..... "1 2 3 4 we wont dont wanna fight your war. 5 6 7 8 let's my peace and love not hate". Or something like that.

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