Monday, December 13, 2004

And God said.....

......"Hmmmmm Mr. Teej. I dont know if you've been through any shit as of late. Let me see what I can muster up to throw at you. Let's see here.....I'll start out light. Now your little brother is just getting outta boot camp. Why dont I throw the pressure of trying to help him get his life in order on your shoulders. Yeah! And how about I add your sisters. Let's see I'll make the youngest one act out in school and face expulsion, and the middle one is getting ready to graduate. Why dont I add a lil pressure of helping her find a job and prep for college on ya. But that's just the light load. Ready for the heavier stuff? Okay we'll add the health concerns you have for yourself. You got that one cyst in your wrist, but that's been there for years. But I'll start making your wrist real stiff. Hey...gotta switch it up a bit ya know? And I just added that second cyst to your right foot not too long ago. Plus that one lump in your back. Yeah that oughta get your mind to running at hypocondriac levels. Ooh and I know that unease feeling that's been in your chest for a couple of months now is really fucking with you! But wait there is more....Ha Ha! You thought that was it, didnt you? Silly silly boy! Hells no! I got a little bit more I wanna assign to you. You know that woman you love the shit out of? Imma make you look like a total dick to her. Yup....if only for a little bit. You are going to make her hate you. Misunderstandings, miscommunication, the whole 9. Fuck the jamaica trip. Fuck your future plans nigga! You just better hope she speaks to you by time you make your solo voyage down there. AND as my grande finale. You know remember your favorite big cousin? Yeah her! Imma make her go C R A Z Y! Yall already found her in a department store bathroom trying to set her own hair on fire, right? Okay so this wont be as bad as that...but still. Imma just gonna make her crazy paranoid and restless. On some ol crack-head shit. Yeah! Matter fact....Imma make her so on the edge of insanity that you feel you HAVE TO to go up there yourself in the middle of the week just to make sure she and her boys are alright.'ll be on the greyhound for 8 hours both ways. Bring some cd's and books to get you through the trip alright? How do you like that? I know you cant afford it. And your financial situation is already delicate, but fuck it! Everyone has to go through their shit and it's your turn nigga!"




simnicity said...

I dont know whether to laugh or cry

Steeeeen said...

...and yet you're still here! :)