Saturday, December 11, 2004

Just For The Record!

Contrary to what you may think....I AM NOT some serial woman-meeter. Like I dont get up and plot on different ways that I can meet X amount of women on any given day. See I think I know where the communication in us talking about this particular subject is breaking down at. It may be found in our respective definitions of 'friend'. Maybe I use the word too easy. I dunno. Like I guess it doesnt take a whole whole lot for me to consider someone a 'friend'. I have a lot of friends. I dont have a lot of 'peoplez'. There is a big difference. Friends to me are expendable damn near. My Peoplez arent! So yes I can make friends really really easy. It takes awhile for me to consider someone my peeps.

So again I meet alot of people and a good proportion of them are women. Yup! But shit Im sorry. Fucking take me out back and shoot me already why dont ya?

One....I already told you that I know where I went wrong and crossed the line when the innocent flirting became not so innocent. I learned my lesson there. Yeah I learned it the very hard way, but please believe I learned it.

So in closing....please dont paint me as JUST HAVING to constantly meet new women and not knowing what to do with myself if I dont meet someone new today. That aint me. That's a mutant form of me that you have created in your mind. Fin.

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