Saturday, November 19, 2005

The 'I Was Just Starting To Have Fun...Are You Sure It's Time To Leave Cali?' List

1. No sleep for almost 2 days prior to the plane ride
2. America West has NOOOO leg room
3. Even in the Emergency Exit aisle
4. Tashie scooped me from the airport
5. "Take me to the nearest Carl's Jr. dammit!"
6. Carl's Jr. is what's real in the streets
7. Carl's Jr. also will send the 'itis' for your ass!!!
8. Slept all the rest of Saturday and most of Sunday
9. No Vibe Awards afterparties for me
10. Meet up with She-Ra for lunch
11. What did I have to drink again?
12. It had me niiiiiiiice
13. Then this child decides she wants a nose piercing
14. Tashie your hospitality was second to none!!!
15. I like KoreaTown
16. I'd move there

17. Clo you know we are beyond crazy right?
18. The 'popcorn chicken' from KFC was disgusting
19. Do me a favor Clo?
20. Stay off the damn curb, okay? :)
21. So silly me thought the seared tuna would be cooked!
22. Needless to say I was more than surprised when it was brought to the table
23. I ate it all....with chopsticks to boot!
24. And that old lady turned out NOT to be Betty White
25. Glad I realized before I went and asked for a picture
26. I finally met Reese's crazy ass
27. Why'd she have to scream when I came outside
28. What am I? of The Beatles or something?
29. I had to call Dee-Dee with Reese in the car
30. Feeling better yet mi amor?
31. Reese I really do think homie draw all those pictures INSIDE the Denny's
32. Oh shit...Bokeem Woodbine is on my flight outta LAX
33. Yo....son scares me!
34. On screen, off screen, whatever
35. He dont have to worry about noooo problems outta me
36. Risha is crazy!
37. We had the best time doing absolutely nothing!
38. But dont be taking me to South Central LA w/o warning
39. Maybe I've seen 'Menace' and 'Boyz N Tha Hood' one too many times
40. But when I start seeing the streets 'Normandie, Crenshaw, Florence, etc.'.....
41. .....I get a little tense.
42. I need to mentally prepare for that type shit!
43. Sorry about the repeated toilet seat fiasco Tashie
44. Can you tell I havent lived with a woman in awhile?
45. But I was rather efficient with taking the trash out, no?
46. Hanging with Peppur and the cast was the shit
47. That's the type of shit I should been doing more of
48. And to think I only saw 4 or 5 friends
49. Why'd I come to a malfunctioning computer?
50. What this nigga dun done to my shit while I was away?
51. I tell you about niggas!!!
52. Im sure this list could be alot longer
53. I just did it off the top of my head
54. I think I will pull up now though
55. Thanks again to all who made my LA trip the shit!


Anonymous said...

Ok, I agree with ya that we were KRAZY. And the KFC was sooooo nasty. But Roscoe's was good! Fool, you ain't said nothing about Roscoe's! And I only went over the curb once cuz your silly ass had me laughing so hard. But the look on your face after that -- so priceless! LA misses you TJ. Glad you had a great time! Clo

risha said...

You act like you saw niggas just hanging out with guns and selling that shit. Are you serious. Whatever B. lol. Next time make the trip longer dayum.

Deeds said...

Awwwwe Teej...I made the..."The 'I Was Just Starting To Have Fun...Are You Sure It's Time To Leave Cali?' List" Damn it! I touched...Are you home yet? I miss you dude...I really do damnit!

Gotta hear more about the trip...about Reese (hey girl!) about Bokeem...everything!

Oh and Teej...Millie has on lipstick...:)

Welcome Home Papi!

'ka said...

well, CA you meant was Los Angeles, right? :) well, in that case i can understand. i don't even like LA. i'm outta LA :D

but you tried roscoe, right?? oh, it's da bomb! :D

Reese said...

Awwww.. Teej, Yea I screamed you're my boo... Wassup with dat? lol lol .. The kiss on the cheek was a wonderful touch.* blushin *
And I think Ole boy paints there eve'ry nite!