Monday, November 21, 2005

Cee-Lo and Phonte say......

Cee-Lo said....

Its such a blessing when my eyes
Get to see the sunrise
Im ready to begin
Another chance to get further away from where I've been
But I'll never forget
Everything I went through....I appreciate the shit!
Cuz if I had of went and took the easy way
I wouldnt be the strong nigga that I am today
Everything that I did was different than what I was told
Just ended up being food for my soul

And Phonte' of Little Brother said....

Each day's another chance to do the things I could've
Done the day before, but I didn't and I known I should've
So I say a prayer for the gone for gooders
Who left this world, then kiss my girl "good mornin', suga"
Another sunrise..and as much as I would love
To roll over on you I cannot do it because
The good Lord I prayed to him
And he said..."Niggaz is listenin' now"
So I better have something to say to 'em
This is the price that I pay for this music
And every word that I write is a testament to it
And if I had to go back, I wouldn't change a thing
Wouldn't re-cut it, re-edit, or change a frame
'Cause it would not be fair, to turn my back on the struggle
When that exact same hustle got me here
I survived far too much now to ever let up.....

And I believe them both!

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TheOneandOnlyInsanely said...

I likes it, I likes it a lot. REAL TALK!