Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Happy Thanksgiving?

Damn...are the majority of our holidays bullshit or what? I was already thinking about blogging something with this same sentiment but Lesley beat me to it on myspace. So Im just gon cut and paste what she said....

"The "Pilgrims" and "Indians" did not have this lovely sit down feast in 1621 complete with clean clothes, delicious turkey, squash, and potatoes. No... no way. The "settlers" ambushed and killed at least 700 Native Americans on one particular occaission and feasted to celebrate. The governer condoned and supported this action..therefore the founding of "Thanksgiving." Please let's not also forget the diseases the "trailblazing pioneers" brought from England and spread to the Native Americans such as small pox, influenza, and a form of the bubonic plague. Between sickness and murder they pretty much destroyed an entire race of people. Ignorace is bliss they say. I say no thanks to that bullshit."

I, on the other hand, in addition to 'honoring the culture and spirits of the beautiful people who were wiped off of the face of the earth by greedy and evil individuals', will be saying thankful prayers to the Most High for the blessings bestowed upon myself, my family and friends.

*All words italicized are by the homie Lesley (b/c she be knowing some shit! *smile*)

Oh and check the link......


Lesley said...


I liked the article.

The dude who was interviewing him was a dick.

Typical though... you know, because they always want to gloss over the annihilation of the Native People, slavery, the holocaust... things that aren't pretty... but happened.

Thanks for spreading knowledge my lovely friend. :)

brooklyn babe said...

I'm sure you got my email on that too huh?
Let's not forget on this Ambush day, Christopher Columbus was a cannibal and child molestor, he loved some lil indian boys.

I'm glad you post this, i wonder when is the media (run by...???) just stop lying to people.

Bunch of smoke and mirrors, followed by "black friday" what a rip off.