Sunday, November 06, 2005

The 'Coming Back From Indiana' List

1. I got my blueberry pancakes dammit!
2. They were ‘what’s real in the streets’
3. All of Lesley’s cooking was ‘real in the streets’
4. So much so….folks took doggy bags home!
5. Loreal is the cutest!
6. I hope she had a great time this weekend
7. I think she did
8. Who’s idea was the park after the club?
10. …..til the hail came down
11. How absurd was it that our grown asses took cover in the sliding board thingy?!!?
12. I don’t care what none of yall say….
13. …The Meatball Band kicked ass!!!
14. Especially with their cover of “867-5309 (Jenny)”
15. Who knew that Indy was so country?
16. So much so that “Choppa Style” would get play in the club?
17. And niggas would lose their mind?
18. Im sure I was the only one who STOPPED dancing when that bullshit came on.
19. Was I wrong for demanding my Hennessey be put in something OTHER than a martini glass?
20. I mean really….cognac in a martini glass?
21. That’s absurd!
22. Plus the shit was cold!!!!
23. Who chills their cognac?
24. Im sure I spent at least 3 hours on the floor amidst Les’ books
25. Talk about contentment!
26. But Im still jealous about the ‘Big Book of Racism’ book she got for a dollar
27. Im not so sure Lesley and Amel Larrieux arent the same damn person!
28. LaToya Nicole = Absolute Sweetheart!
29. Toya I really tried to tolerate his snoring
30. but when you’re tipsy at 5am and STILL CANT GET TO SLEEP…..
31. …you can only take so much ya know?
32. I wanna see ALL the pictures from Perkins!
33. We were surrounded by absolute comedy
34. Did yall get all the pine outta yalls heads?
35. Is it Courtney or Cortney?
36. Either way he was maaaad cool
37. Definitely enjoyed hanging out with him
38. I just saw the news talking about the tornado that hit
39. If our cwazy (© Lesley) asses woulda known……
40. Lil Lindsay’s band will kick ass Im sure!
41. How didn’t I get any cake?
42. Im convinced the cake was actually a myth and not a fact
43. Who knew there was a remix to Michael Jackson’s “PYT”?
44. Too bad she awoke to birthday drama?
45. But from the sounds of it…we think she nipped it in the bud
46. Yall were wrong for not helping me and Cort find his wallet after Perkins!
47. “It takes me 20 minutes to put my guns together!”
48. We gotta do it all over soon
49. And always remember…..

50. ….Jesus is in your stomach!


Gentle Aura said...

OMG ... you heard 867-9305 LIVE???

I usta LOVE that song!!!!


Gentle Aura said...

it's Courtney love ...

Lesley said...


We had a *great* time!!!

Jesus *is* in your stomach!!!

It only takes *me* 10 minutes to put my guns together.

Anddd... I just now got the last of the pine cone shit out of my hair.


We are insane. When it's 80 degrees in November... it causes you to do crazy things. It should also indicate there is a huge problem in the atmosphere. :) We didn't get the memo on that last part. :)

We'll have to have a relaxing weekend... you know bookstores... jazz... more blueberry pancakes... alladat... sooner than later. :)

Once again... thank you for coming.

I had a ball!!!!!

Brea said...

Yum @ the blueberry pancakes.

Deeds said...

Blueberry Pancakes...You are just having to murch fun without me Teej:)