Tuesday, November 01, 2005

At It Again

Much like my good friend Lesley I am a huge book whore. The insanity just doenst stop. My friend Dawn came over recently to show me how to work this money management excel spreadsheet. And yeah....we figured out that a good majority of my money after rent and bills goes to CD's and books. Im absolutely okay with the fact that when it comes to this...Im about as hopeless as a penny with a hole in it!

So Im finishing up my overnight audit at the hotel and I come across a web-ad for blackexpressions.com bookclub. I usta have an account with them a couple years ago. But then I inadvertedly stuck them for they papers and left them high and dry on a bill. My SSN wasnt/isnt attached so I wasnt/aint as concerned. LOL. Anyways maybe it was my late night delirium...but I couldnt resist signing up again. Much like the hustle I continue to run on Columbia House and BMG Music....having 3 names (Anthony, Tony, TJ) comes in handy if you know what I mean.

*Dont none of yall work for any of the above mentioned companies, right?*


Groove said...

Nope and your lucky I don't. I know where to find you.

Brea said...

Lol - we all have our vices.

brooklyn babe said...

So you put this info (about yourself) out on the world wide internet.... you love big brotha don't cha... lol

aint chu' ever heard Treach's (NBN)
"i do my dirty all by my lonely"

Lesley said...

Oooh... you're bad. Teach me the ways!!!!


Fellow book whore

Reese said...

LOL LOL .. Whenever I need a laugh or a REALITY check.. I have to come here and chill.. and I have about 10 names for all of those companies.. Just got BMG with my new name Cherie Thomas.. LOL LOL ANd I have used every variation of my middle name with other's last names.. and so forth.. so yea .. ** YOU AIN'T THE ONLY ONE **