Friday, November 11, 2005

Dodging The Pyramids

"Are you interested in learning how you can make extra income?"

And that's how you know you are being pulled into a pyramid scheme. That one sentence or some variation there of it! I'd say on a whole.....I average about 6 or 7 pyramid attempts per year. Maybe it's my laidback demeanor or my babyface or my mild manneredness...but for some reason it seems EVERYONE thinks they can sell me a bridge in Brooklyn! No fucker! I dont need an extra bridge. Especially in Brooklyn when I live in Chicago. Plus I'd have no place to put the damn thing!

So anyways it really sucks with the pyramid pullers are family, freinds and/or associates!! Cuz now you gotta worry about this bastard feeling some kinda way if and when you turn they shit down. The time before last I called a friend who I went to college with to wish her a happy birthday. Would you believe the heifer tried to suck me into her pyramid scheme on her birthday yo!!!! Who does that? So I think I managed to successfully shake that one off.

Which leads me to today. A friend who I went to college with pretty much called outta the blue. Said he wanted to meet with me to discuss bringing me in on a project he was working on. I shoulda known when I didnt get many details. He was just anxious to meet soon. Yeah okay! So this whole time Im think he's putting together some type of something and he's probably gonna want me to contribute in the form of videotaping and/or broadcasting whatever it is. WRONG!

First of all...I agree to meet with dude at 10am when I know I get off at 7am. Which means I slept from 7:30am-9:30am. So Im on short sleep. Then I get to the meeting and this fool starts with some sorta survey. "What are your financial plans for the next 5 years?" "Are you happy with your current career?" So now Im thinking....."Oh shit! I KNOW son didnt get me up here to sell me some shit!?!!?!?. Nah son...this cant be life. This cant be love. There's gotta be more. This cant be us!" But sure enough as Im not commonly referred to as 'Teej' son turns his laptop around to show me a powerpoint presentation on his Pyramid/Financial Planning company. And the funny this is I got a peek at the script that he was reading from that he tried to personalize. It's like damn dude..."I dunno what you take as me /or try to underestimate the intelligence that TJ has / Im from rags to riches nigga / I aint dumb..."

So I let my man go thru his lil presentation. No Im not gonna refer any other names and numbers to you. Im not a contributor to the pyramid! No I probably wont get down with 'financial opprotunities' presented to me. I simply dont have the energy for alla that man. Of course I didnt tell him all this though. To prevent, on his part, any furthering sale tactics I simply took the info, told him I'd look over and I'll get back to him on it.

.....waking me up out my sleep with this bullshit.......


Deeds said...

*Dee~Dee hollerin from the back pew..."PREACH PREACHER!":)

You tell em baby!

By the way..imma miss you while you're away in LA:(

Just in case you see Reese whiles you there...hug her for me.

Be Safe and Have Fun!:)

Lesley said...

That *was* some bullshit!

I woulda been madder than... than... hell... I was when Sidd pissed in the corner, again.

Cwazy Teej, cwazy.

Gentle Aura said...

oh GAWD .. i DATED one of them .. before he got all into it .. one day i turned around and all i be hearin' is those damn tapes that ruled his life

ahhh hell nah

cults i tell yuh

no way
nuh uh
not me

(didjyuh call block him?)