Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Reality TV

So much going on in the world of "reality" tv these days.

Anyone peeped 'Being Bobby Brown' yet? FUH-KIN-FUN-KNEE! I'll be damned if him and Whitney not THE most in love ever crackheads your eyes will ever bare witness to. Funny thing is I admire their love for each other......minus the crack of course. You can tell that they are gonna ride together forever. They got some typa crackhead commraderie or some shit. Of course the show is a ratings hit for Bravo. It actually set a record for the network so you can look forward to another season or 2 at least. Lord knows Bobby needs to earn his keep and bring some income coming in, ya dig?

Another show I can tell Im gonna be keeping an eye on is this season's 'Surreal Life'. We got Omarosa (by the way she divorced her hubby so she's just 'Omarosa' now), Pepa from Salt-N-Pepa, Janice Dickinson, Balkie from 'Perfect Strangers', and Jose Canseco among others. If you saw the season premiere then you already know Janice Dickinson has the most severe case of ADD ever known to man. That bitch didnt put two cohesive sentences together I dont think. And apparently she may be extremely bi-polar too? Anyone see this can back me up. Balkie from Perfect Strangers may be a perv. Everyone wants to fuck Canseco's ol tight speedo blue jean wearing ass. Oh it's gon be some shit. I'd advise everyone to stay tune to this one.

I might get into 'Celebrity Fit Club' only b/c Jackee and Tocarra are on there. And this season's 'Real World' just may be wack again. Yall know how 'Real World' goes back and forth. One season it's the shit, and the next you barely remember it's on. Anybody else peep and reality tv worth mentioning?

And btw....for the record....I fucking hate reality shows, but Im human. And the curiosity factor pulls me in from time to time too.


jk with an E said...

i swear we're "here"... bobby and whitney kill me and i too admire their love for each other... i thought i was a ride or die chick, but this bitch got me BEAT!!
surreal life does look like it'll be one to watch this season, kinda seems like all my friends in my crew huh?
i don't watch a lot of tv but reality shows are ones that i do watch, it seems that's the only thing on these days!

Reese said...

Please refer to my previous blog about Being Bobby Brown,.Hilarious.. Pure Comedy!

Teej said...

Reese I did read your blog and it was what reminded me that I needed to blog about those shows. So see? I do be reading.....

Milf? We are forever "here". lol

Anonymous said...

Bobby Brown: "Why is my shoe following me? Why is my shoe following me?"

Whitney: "Hell to the Naw!"

Those are my two new sayings now.

That Bobby and Whitney show is some hilarious ghetto-ass shit.

Omorosa gonna get her ass beat, Pepa's weave is so not cute. Balki blew up!!

Teej said...

man...i have yet to see the 'why is my show following me?' episode. i gotta check for it!