Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Name Calling

"You got a bad name like Dick But-kis!" - The Alkaholics

Can we talk about bad names for a minute? I went to the post office today to send a package and this young sista helped me out. She was soooo nice...and kinda cute I might add. But when I focused in on her name tag I couldnt believe my eyes. Swear on everything I love her name tag read.......are you ready for this?........'Leroinette'.

Yup 'Leroinette' I said! So that means her father was really feeling himself. So much so that he decided to incorporate his name in his baby girl's name. Maybe her pops had nothing to do with it. Maybe a 'Leroi' was somehow influential in her mom's much so she wanted it in her daughter's name. In any event.......'Leroinette' is simply not gonna do it for the 100's people.
The girl couldnt have been no older than 25. Aint no telling how many times her application was discriminated against b/c of her name.

Same thing with my friend from high school. Her name is Antaquila. Then I have another friend who recently got married and took her husband's name which is 'Ogeto'. Uh's pronounced just as it looks.

This blog really doesnt have a particular point. If any I guess Im just saying if any of you have kids in the future just remember to straddle the line between unique and ghetto. Your kids will most certainly thank you later.


NameLiar said...

Man I feel for old girl. That name is out of control but then I can't talk because my name is a little unusual...and I do mean a little unusual because my name isn't that hard but most people just don't take the time to read.
Test name is Namelia...I'm sure you are probably looking at it like WTF!?! But really it's simple its just Amelia with a N in front. So simple but I hear all type of shit all the time. For example Nomela, Namollia, etc.
Sorry for going on and on Teej but I had to get that out.

Reese said...

There was a friend I once had.. her name was Tina.. well Tina had a cousin named Tasha and Tasha's baby daddy's name was Raymond.. now that's all normal enough.. UNTIL I met the baby girl.. her name was Rayquisha.(sigh) She is stuck for life.. not to mention poor Bobby Brown's daughter, LaPrincia.. WTF???

JaniTy said...

Teej... I think I know your friend Antiquilla. There cannot be 2 ladies with that name living in the south burbs!

The strangest names I ever heard were two boys I went to grammar school and high school with...

Kalkeyliuss and Darvolisavei... I don't even have to go any further. GAME OVER

I know a La-Leroy and a Charlesnika.
*shakes head*

jk with an E said...

awwwwww hell, now you know i gotta comment on this one. my semi-boyfriend's cousin's name is LaTeela, seems ok... sorta. but this heifer done name her kids... y'all ready... DieuDonny (dee-u-donny) and LaNaysia (la-nay-zha). i can't think of their middle names, but that shit is even more off the hook than their first names. WTF?? now you know i ain't make that shit up (((LMAO)))

Reese said...

I can beat all those names!! I'm from the city of Ghetto Fab!! LA!! I went to school with 2 sisters (whom hated me) named Wandashia (wan-da-sha) & MaMaui (yea just like the island just with the Ma in front) And they looked just like their names sounded... FUCKED UP! lmao

wandashia said...

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