Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Reluctant Responsibility


Sorry about the expletives (actually Im not really, but hey). I just came to the sad sad realization that I more than likely WONT be getting my ipod when I get paid tomorrow. You see my good people....as baaaaaaaaaad as I want it, I realize that I have higher priorities. And quite simply it would be very foolish of me to ignore these financial obligations for a simplistic want. I sure as hell picked a good time to be responsible huh?

I've decided that I can in fact work out w/o the ipod. I've noticed that I've been tired for absolutely no reason lately. If that aint a clear sign that I need to get my ass off the couch I dont know what is. This is soooo wack that I wont be able to get my ipod though. What's even wacker about it is I have a check that Im expecting any day now, and $140 in loaned out money that I have no earthly idea of when I'll see back. If I can get both that check and that loaned out money I'd be on to something.....but these are black folks Im dealing with so who knows when I'll see that cash.

Man this really sucks. Yall have no idea of how much I really want this lil fucker.


jk with an E said...

teej, get the ipod later. what you really need is some dishes ... lol... you know you be saving the 32 oz cups from McD's because, "it's the biggest cup you got to drink out of" (((ROFLMAO)))

Teej said...

fuck that! im happy as shit with my 32oz Mickey D's cup! So how u like them apples?