Saturday, July 09, 2005

Quote Answers

LOL....Shout out to JaniTy and Millie Mae for even trying. Did I stump yall? Or is it that no one even cared? LOL.....Junie you didnt even give it a go. LOL......If anyone's the answers in order....

Do The Right Thing
Cornbread, Earl & Me
Lethal Weapon
Bad Boys
House Party
Carmen Jones
School Daze
Im Gon Git You Sucka
The Cosby Show
The Color Purple
In Living Color
Player's Club
Boys In The Hood
Good Times
Pulp Fiction
Love Jones


Dee-Dee said...

Darg Nargit! I wanted to guess them all by myself...Thanks alot Teej:( Do another one plz:)Dee-Dee

Reese said...

I had like 6 of 'em... Man you're a fool Teej!

jk with an E said...

teej... you know that "i's a fat lazy pig" so i wasn't even finna try! i did know some of them though and it was killing me to get the other ones... but i'm gonna let you have this one!