Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Good Food / Bad Food

Does it strike anyone else as ironic and insanely cruel that all the food that is bad for you happens to taste sooooooo good. And while all the food that is good for you doesnt taste completely bad, it damn sure doesnt taste as good as the crap you know you shouldnt be eating. Is that not some shit?

This NWOP (New Work Out Plan) is not going so well these days. I havent worked out in close to a week, and Im back to eating crap. And it's all pretty much due to my wack ass sleep/work schedule. Okay....maybe the working out part I can attribute to my sleep/work schedule. But I have total control of what I put in my mouth 24/7. Im sure yall can atest to this. It's hard to eat right when you're always on the go. I gots to buckle down and show discipline. We are inside a month til Im Jammin to live Jamaica Funk, ya know! (Anyone catch that song reference?) I think I've made strides since I started all this. Maybe I shoulda did those before and after shots. Oh well I'll feel better if I get back on the horse consistently by time I get there.

The word for the month is.....'Rededication'!

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