Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Metrosexual Me ?

So while in the mirror applying my Mint Julep Masque to my face (you know...the green mask shit) I had an epiphany of sorts.

I'm a bit metro.

Up until today when people asked or told me I was metro I'd tell them 'Hell no Im not!'. But ummmmm keeping it real here. Im not so much metro as I just have metro tendencies, dig? So I occasionally do the green mask (that shit tightens your pores yo!), I also use Ten-O-Six deep pore cleanser, pretty much get a haircut everyweek, and I like to keep my hands moisturized. (Moisturized just sounded pretty gay coming from me as I re-read this) But that's it! LOL.

I dont wear color contacts. I dont get (or have ever in my life had) manicures/pedicures. I dont have a whole lot of clothes. I'm not a style maven. I dont know that 'the new black' will be for the spring and fall. I just like what I like. And most times that's a promo tee shirt and my favorite jeans. So Im not completely metro, right? I just like to take care of my face and appearance......most times. Lord knows I can fall up out the house on some 'I dont give a fuck' shit when the mood hits.

But is that so wrong? Do I HAVE to be 'metrosexual'? I say goddamn!

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