Monday, May 23, 2005

Various 5/23/05

*I just watched the season finale of 'Girlfriends'. Darnell took Maya back!!!! Yall dont even know how happy I am. LOL. Again I know they are fictional....but I be rooting for the underdog...and the underdog came through this time. In dramatic fashion too. Darnell was apparently about to marry Lena (played by Chenoa Maxwell.....whoooo!....ok that's another story!) Anyways Maya tried to stop the wedding but didnt have the heart and left the church....and Darnell chased her down on some last minute shit! Mad climatic yo....mad climatic!

* Jamaica is less than 48 hours away. I'm sooo excited. Unfortunately the NWOP died early last week of apparent neglect. But I promise I will bring it back from the dead when I get back. Okay but back to i'm excited b/c I never been. Im a lil salty that among all my peeps going I'l be the only one companion-less as far as I know. Who knows though....maybe I'll find some cute island girl to keep me company while Im there. Or even run across a 'Stella' to assist in restoring her groove. LOL. What I do know is that I refuse to mope around the island. I'll be on the beach with a bahama mama or something in hand, with my new sunglasses on getting my chill on. Or maybe at a some lil dirty hole in the wall club getting my jamaican grind on with a sexy young ting! See! I already got the dialouge down me say mon. LOLOLOLOLOL.

*I just ate some some of the new 'Boneless Buffalo Wings' from KFC. And while to most that would seem like no big deal.....those in the know......well they know. Teej dont do spicy/hot food. But shit I been feeling more risque the last couple of months between those Hot Cheetos a couple months back and now this. Whoa Kimosabe'! LOL. The boneless buffalo wings were bad at all. Kinda tame actually. Although I do feel a slight case of heartburn coming along.........

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Reese said...

Have a wonderful time in Jamaica!!! Please! Please !! Have some fun for me and you.... lol lol ((wink)) Talk to you when you get back