Monday, May 23, 2005

'Desperate Housewives' Season Finale

Talk about the world standing still!!! Man wasnt nothing gon keep me from peeping the season finale of one of my top 3 current favorite shows on TV!

OMG....I cant believe Rex died! I know these are only fictional TV characters but I was so shocked and sad! LOL. Poor Bree. She is gonna go through a world of guilt now. She is gonna think that it's her fault b/c she didnt get him to the hospital as fast as she coulda. And the only reason she took her time is b/c she was mad at Rex b/c George the punk ass pharmacist set it up to make it look like Rex had been bragging about he and Bree's freaky sexy life b/c George wanted Bree for himself. Didja follow that? And what's worst is....Rex died thinking Bree had something to do with the high levels of Potassium in his system when it was actually George who switched his presciption! I really hope George gets his in the end. That fucka is F O U L !!!
And I was really pulling for them to get it together too! Dammit Gina!

And the other shocker with Mike, Mary-Alice, Dana/Zach, Paul and Mrs. Tillman! Was that shit not crazy? So Zach is actually Dana, and Mary-Alice and Paul bought Dana/Zach from a crackhead who Mary-Alice happened to counsel at the hospital she worked, but said crackhead also happened to be Mike's girlfriend at the time. But when the crackhead came back 5 years later to get the baby back Mary-Alice shanked and killed her! And Paul being the good husband that he is chopped her up and put her in a toy chest! (Damn Paul was a rider!!!!) Unfortunately young Dana/Zach happen to get up in the middle of the night and wander in the living room where he sees Mary-Alice and Paul huddling over his mom in a pool of blood, only he doesnt know it's his mom...which explains why that boy is soooooo fucked up in the head. That's alot for any toddler to see, ya know? Anyways so Mike has kidnapped Paul and is about to kill him in the desert when Paul tells him everything, and so Mike decides not to off him and just leaves 'em there. LOL. Go figure, right?

And well I'll spare you the full play by play of the rest of the show. Just know that I am if you couldnt tell. This is damn near the best shit on tv. Aint nothing else fucking with the writing on this. If you are not into it or havent been following I highly recommend that you get involved next season. Heard me?

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