Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Running From This Song

I I was going good. For like 10 days I just knew I was 'over' it. 'Over' her. Now Im not so sure. Maybe I am. Maybe Im not. Maybe I was just having a good streak.

For the last few days no matter what I do I keeping running into this song. It's Lalah Hathaway's cover of Luther's "Forever, For Always, For Love". I mean damn near everywhere I go that song is there to meet and greet me. I hear it on the digital music channel at home. I hear it on the radio when I listen. I hear it at work on the satelite station. And I hear it in my head. Aside from her just putting her drawers in it.....b/c she sho nuff made it all her own, of course the lyrics resonate with me something serious. Check them out.....

I sing this song to remind myself
There was a time when I didn't have no one
Didn't have no love

Do you remember
The love that we once had
Well if I had the chance to love you again
I would Make your heart forget
I was ever there, oh no
If we forget the past I know this time love will last

Forever, For Always, For Love, Yeah

I'm not coming home anymore
Does it matter?
Well if I had the chance to hold you again
I would fill your heart with joy
Make you remember
I'm the only one for you, yes I would
Let's throw the bad memories out
And make this the first day of our

Forever, For Always, For Love

I'd be a Fool...To...Ever...Change
If she says she Loves...The...Way...I...Am
I'd be a Fool...To...Ever...Change
If She Says she Loves...The...Way...I...Am

It's gonna be
Starting Here, Starting Now, yeah yeah yeah
Forever, For Always, For Love.....


Reese said...

Ayeeeeeeeeeee tEEJ..aYEEEEEEEE

kk said...

Man, that's a good song huh? See, any girl would love that, you'll be snatched up in no time! lol

Kk said...

Oh...& by the's good 2 know ur'e still up to the same ol' tricks too...I was almost thinkin' you'd changed!

Thank God for blogs! lol

steeeeen said...