Thursday, March 03, 2005

Dignity & Love

" Dignity and love do not blend well, nor do they continue long together."
- Ovid

And with that said....GODDAMN I want my baby back. Im not ashamed to say it.


Lola said...

i'm stilling that quote... i made a fool of myself the other week... i did not care.

sniff... i miss him... maybe no as much as you miss you kk... but i do miss the heck out of my MF.

Teej said...

I expected u 2 steal it. Thats what we do. We read each others blogs and swap ideas and quotes. This is the nature of our relationship 'rola. LOL.

U know what? I have yet to make a fool of myself to her, but I feel something big a-coming. *BIG SMILE*