Sunday, March 27, 2005

My New Work Out Plan

It started a couple weeks ago when a co-worker asked if Cheeseburgers were my favorite meal. I hadnt really noticed until then, but I have been eating alot of junk as of late. Not b/c I dont like non-junk, but junk is so much easier. Anyways no more of that! I'm focused on getting my 6 pack back. Dont get me no means is anyone mistaking me for being pregnant. I can still see my man down there if ya know what I mean. But I do have a pudge that Im not comfortable with. And shit...Jamaica is coming up in about 8 weeks. Cant go down there like this here. And so outta that necessity I created My New Work Out Plan today.

Basically it goes like this....No fried foods!!! Can u believe my black ass is swearing off fried foods. Im gonna try to go w/o them til I get back from Jamaica. No french fries or nothing! Can you bake or broil french fries? Also Im only eating chicken, turkey and fish for the next 2 months. Yup! I had to call my mama and ask her how to cook chicken other than frying it. Like I know the methods of baking and broiling, but I dont know if I know how to actually bake or broil, feel me? And I swear this is what mama's is for. She mentioned The Foreman Grill!!! Hell yeah, I usta Foreman Grill my ass off! I dunno how I forgot it. I will mos def be copping one in the next day or two.

And the 2nd installment in my NWOP is.....working out up to 5 days per week now. I was getting results from when I was doing 3 days. People were noticing I was getting bigger, thicker and gaining muscle w/o me even having to get naked!!!! So I know if I up it to 5 days faithfully by Jamaica time Imma be on to something. I just gotta stay on the wagon. I keep falling off the workout wagon. Stay on the wagon. Stay on the wagon. Stay on the wagon Teej..........


kk said...

Post some before and after

Teej said...

Nah Pimping! I think Imma pass on the before and after flix.